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Bursa Malaysia Stock - KLSE Latest Quarter Report

All the KLSE latest quarter report announcement or Bursa Malaysia stock latest quarter report announcement will be posted in this section. Each of the KLSE stocks or Bursa Malaysia stocks may announce their quarter report in different date and time. All the latest KLSE quarter report announcements will be posted in this section immediately once the Bursa Malaysia stock announce their quarter report. You may click on the highlighted KLSE Stock or Bursa Malaysia stock to drill down to the corporate information, dividend history, bonus issue & rights issue history.
Net Profit
Per Share (Cent)
28/05/2015NSOP 17,8144210.603.00 Malaysia Stock - NSOP Report Malaysia Stock - NSOP Report
28/05/2015SUCCESS 101,8382,8322.430.00 Malaysia Stock - SUCCESS Report Malaysia Stock - SUCCESS Report
28/05/2015GPACKET 73,757-20,125-3.000.00 Malaysia Stock - GPACKET Report Malaysia Stock - GPACKET Report
28/05/2015KPJ 709,88733,8943.182.60 Malaysia Stock - KPJ Report Malaysia Stock - KPJ Report
28/05/2015AIRASIA 1,296,831149,3315.400.00 Malaysia Stock - AIRASIA Report Malaysia Stock - AIRASIA Report
28/05/2015FSBM 3,502-117-0.090.00 Malaysia Stock - FSBM Report Malaysia Stock - FSBM Report
28/05/2015BRAHIMS 85,7262,8411.200.00 Malaysia Stock - BRAHIMS Report Malaysia Stock - BRAHIMS Report
28/05/2015OPCOM 26,0311,9251.190.00 Malaysia Stock - OPCOM Report Malaysia Stock - OPCOM Report
28/05/2015MYETFID 1,20305.372.25 Malaysia Stock - MYETFID Report Malaysia Stock - MYETFID Report
28/05/2015TITIJYA 120,24021,4556.070.00 Malaysia Stock - TITIJYA Report Malaysia Stock - TITIJYA Report
28/05/2015MYETFDJ 12,98704.983.30 Malaysia Stock - MYETFDJ Report Malaysia Stock - MYETFDJ Report
28/05/2015MMCCORP 1,983,82795,7543.140.00 Malaysia Stock - MMCCORP Report Malaysia Stock - MMCCORP Report
28/05/2015CIMBA40 11200.070.00 Malaysia Stock - CIMBA40 Report Malaysia Stock - CIMBA40 Report
28/05/2015UNIMECH 60,6413,8423.224.50 Malaysia Stock - UNIMECH Report Malaysia Stock - UNIMECH Report
28/05/2015MEDIAC 321,4979,2250.561.83 Malaysia Stock - MEDIAC Report Malaysia Stock - MEDIAC Report
28/05/2015CIMBC50 1,75800.150.00 Malaysia Stock - CIMBC50 Report Malaysia Stock - CIMBC50 Report
28/05/2015GPHAROS 15,405-2,079-1.550.00 Malaysia Stock - GPHAROS Report Malaysia Stock - GPHAROS Report
28/05/2015SMPC 46,7013,3724.510.00 Malaysia Stock - SMPC Report Malaysia Stock - SMPC Report
28/05/2015GENTING 4,367,631620,06016.680.00 Malaysia Stock - GENTING Report Malaysia Stock - GENTING Report
28/05/2015AMFIRST 26,0498,0011.172.44 Malaysia Stock - AMFIRST Report Malaysia Stock - AMFIRST Report
28/05/2015KAWAN 37,3435,5543.042.00 Malaysia Stock - KAWAN Report Malaysia Stock - KAWAN Report
28/05/2015AIM 2,429810.030.00 Malaysia Stock - AIM Report Malaysia Stock - AIM Report

Bursa Malaysia Stock - KLSE Latest Dividend News

All the KLSE latest dividend entitlement announcement or Bursa Malaysia stock latest dividend entitlement announcement will be posted in this section. There are several types of dividends in KLSE, namely First Dividend, Interim Dividend, Final Dividend, First and Final Dividend, Interest Payment, Special Dividend, Income Distribution, and etc. In addition, there are 2 types of dividend entitlement, i.e. entitlement in cent and entitlement in percentage. You can find out in more detail by clicking on the blue icon on the right of each of the dividend entitlement news.
Entitlement TypeDividend
28/05/2015NSOP12/06/201516/06/201530/06/2015First Interim Dividend0.0003.00 Malaysia Stock - NSOP Dividend
28/05/2015XINGHE20/08/201524/08/201521/09/2015Final Dividend0.2000.00 Malaysia Stock - XINGHE Dividend
28/05/2015KPJ26/06/201530/06/201514/07/2015Interim Dividend1.7500.00 Malaysia Stock - KPJ Dividend
28/05/2015MEDIAC08/07/201510/07/201531/07/2015Interim Dividend1.8200.00 Malaysia Stock - MEDIAC Dividend
28/05/2015AMFIRST12/06/201516/06/201530/06/2015Income Distribution2.4400.00 Malaysia Stock - AMFIRST Dividend
28/05/2015FAVCO01/09/201503/09/201511/09/2015First and Final Dividend12.0000.00 Malaysia Stock - FAVCO Dividend
28/05/2015MUHIBAH01/09/201503/09/201511/09/2015First and Final Dividend0.0008.00 Malaysia Stock - MUHIBAH Dividend
28/05/2015WANGZNG29/07/201531/07/201513/08/2015First and Final Dividend2.5000.00 Malaysia Stock - WANGZNG Dividend
28/05/2015TGUAN27/07/201529/07/201518/08/2015Final Dividend0.0004.00 Malaysia Stock - TGUAN Dividend
28/05/2015GBH10/06/201512/06/201503/07/2015Interim Dividend0.0003.00 Malaysia Stock - GBH Dividend
28/05/2015IQGROUP26/06/201530/06/201529/07/2015Interim Dividend4.0000.00 Malaysia Stock - IQGROUP Dividend
28/05/2015TOMYPAK10/06/201512/06/201509/07/2015Interim Dividend1.5000.00 Malaysia Stock - TOMYPAK Dividend
28/05/2015A&M22/07/201524/07/201518/08/2015First and Final Dividend1.5000.00 Malaysia Stock - A&M Dividend
28/05/2015UPA13/07/201515/07/201529/07/2015First and Final Dividend0.0008.00 Malaysia Stock - UPA Dividend
28/05/2015YSPSAH23/07/201527/07/201525/08/2015First and Final Dividend6.5000.00 Malaysia Stock - YSPSAH Dividend
28/05/2015JOHOTIN01/07/201503/07/201524/07/2015Final Dividend3.5000.00 Malaysia Stock - JOHOTIN Dividend

Bursa Malaysia Stock - KLSE Latest Bonus/Right Issue

All the KLSE latest bonus issue or rights issue announcement or Bursa Malaysia stock bonus issue or rights issue announcement will be posted in this section. Bonus issue is a way to reward current shareholder by giving additional securities for free of payment, as well as to increase the liquidity of the company's shares in the market. However, right issue is the way for company to sell the new shares to current shareholders in order to raise additional capital. The right issue price usually offered at a discount to the current share price. This is to give the current shareholder an advantage to buy the new shares.
TypeRatioRight Issue
28/05/2015TMCLIFE09/06/201511/06/201511/06/2015Bonus Issue1 : 20.000 Malaysia Stock - TMCLIFE Bonus/Rights Issue
27/05/2015MAHSING08/06/201510/06/201510/06/2015Bonus Issue1 : 40.000 Malaysia Stock - MAHSING Bonus/Rights Issue
18/05/2015YONGTAI29/05/201502/06/201502/06/2015Rights Issue2 : 10.500 Malaysia Stock - YONGTAI Bonus/Rights Issue
15/05/2015STONE27/05/201529/05/201529/05/2015Rights Issue4 : 10.300 Malaysia Stock - STONE Bonus/Rights Issue
13/05/2015TAKAFUL25/05/201527/05/201527/05/2015Subdivision5 : 10.000 Malaysia Stock - TAKAFUL Bonus/Rights Issue
11/05/2015TROP23/06/201525/06/201525/06/2015Final Dividend1 : 1000.000 Malaysia Stock - TROP Bonus/Rights Issue
07/05/2015BINTAI19/05/201521/05/201521/05/2015Rights Issue9 : 100.200 Malaysia Stock - BINTAI Bonus/Rights Issue
29/04/2015AAX13/05/201515/05/201515/05/2015Rights Issue3 : 40.220 Malaysia Stock - AAX Bonus/Rights Issue
24/04/2015GPA08/05/201512/05/201512/05/2015Rights Issue1 : 40.100 Malaysia Stock - GPA Bonus/Rights Issue
24/04/2015WCT22/05/201526/05/201526/05/2015Final Dividend1 : 1000.000 Malaysia Stock - WCT Bonus/Rights Issue
22/04/2015SUNWAY06/05/201508/05/201508/05/2015Dividend in specie1 : 100.000 Malaysia Stock - SUNWAY Bonus/Rights Issue
21/04/2015JOBST30/04/201506/05/201506/05/2015Others5 : 10.000 Malaysia Stock - JOBST Bonus/Rights Issue