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Bursa Malaysia Latest Annual Reports

20 Jul 2018GENETEC Genetec_CG Report 2018.pdf

Genetec_Annual Report 2018.pdf

19 Jul 2018EMICO CG REPORT 2018 - FINAL19JUL.pdf

Emico AR2018 - Final.pdf

18 Jul 2018MATRIX CG REPORT 2018.final.pdf



16 Jul 2018SAM SAMEE-CG Report - final to Bursa.pdf

SAM AR2018 - to Bursa.pdf

13 Jul 2018MEDIAC CG Report 2018.pdf

MEDIAC-AnnualReport2018_Part 2.PDF

MEDIAC-AnnualReport2018_Part 1.PDF

10 Jul 2018ELKDESA ELKDESA - CG Report 2018.pdf

Appendix A to the Notice of 29th AGM - Proposed New Constitution of ELKDESA.pdf


06 Jul 2018PANSAR Pansar-CG Report (06.07.2018).pdf



03 Jul 2018SYSTECH CG Report.pdf

Annual Report (Part 2).pdf

Annual Report (Part 1).pdf

29 Jun 2018AMBANK AMMB 2018 Corporate Governance Report.pdf

AMMB 2018 Annual Report (Financial).pdf

AMMB 2018 Annual Report (Corporate).pdf

29 Jun 2018ATLAN AHB-CG Report 2018.pdf

AHB- Annual Report (Part 2).pdf

AHB- Annual Report (Part 1).pdf

28 Jun 2018POLY Poly CG Report(YE2018)29June2018.pdf

Poly Glass-AR2018(29June2018).pdf

28 Jun 2018PANTECH Pantech-CG Report.pdf


27 Jun 2018EUPE EUPE CG Report FY2018.pdf

Eupe Annual Report 2018_Part 3.pdf

Eupe Annual Report 2018_Part 2.pdf

Eupe Annual Report 2018_Part 1.pdf

26 Jun 2018DSONIC Datasonic CG Report 2018.pdf

Datasonic Annual Report 2018 Part 2.pdf

Datasonic Annual Report 2018 Part 1.pdf

21 Jun 2018AYS AYS_Corporate Governance Report.pdf

AYS_Annual Report 2018_2.pdf

AYS_Annual Report 2018_1.pdf

18 Jun 2018ABMB Alliance Bank - 2018 Corporate Governance Report.pdf

Alliance Bank - 2018 Annual Report (Page 40 to Form of Proxy).pdf

Alliance Bank - 2018 Annual Report (Cover to Page 39).pdf

11 Jun 2018BERTAM Bertam- Errata AR 2017.pdf

07 Jun 2018MSPORTS Multi Sports - AR 2017.pdf

05 Jun 2018AEONCR ACSM - Errata and Addendum to Annual Report 2018.pdf

01 Jun 2018KSTAR Addendum Notice and Proxy Form.pdf

01 Jun 2018APFT CG Report.pdf

Revised Annual Report.pdf

01 Jun 2018SYCAL Addendum to AR2017-Sustainability Statement.pdf

31 May 2018SCBUILD SCBUILD-AR 2018.pdf

SCBUILD-CG Report 2018.pdf

31 May 2018AMFIRST AmFIRST REIT - Annual Report FY2018 (2.9MB).pdf

31 May 2018XIANLNG Xian Leng 2018.pdf

CG Report.pdf

31 May 2018CYL CYL-2018 CG Report.pdf

CYL-2018 Annual Report.pdf

31 May 2018QUALITY QCHB CG Report.pdf

QCHB AR2018.pdf

31 May 2018GKENT George Kent - Corporate Governance Report 2018.pdf

George Kent AR18.pdf

31 May 2018SAPRES SRB - CG Report.pdf

SRB - Annual Report 2018.pdf

31 May 2018SAPIND SAPIND CG Report 2018.pdf

SAPIND Annual Report 2018.pdf