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Bursa Malaysia Latest Annual Reports

18 Oct 2019BJASSET BAssets-CG Report 2019.pdf

BAssets AR 2019 (Part 2).pdf

BAssets AR 2019 (Part 1).pdf

17 Oct 2019PLENITU Plenitude-Appendix 1 Proposed New Constitution.pdf

Plenitude_CG 2019.pdf


16 Oct 2019SIME CG Report.pdf

Sime Darby Berhad AR2019_Part 3.pdf

Sime Darby Berhad AR2019_Part 2.pdf

Sime Darby Berhad AR2019_Part 1.pdf

14 Oct 2019HEXZA Hexza-CG-Report 2019 (Bursa).pdf

Hexza - Annual Report 2019 (Bursa).pdf

14 Oct 2019DIALOG DIALOG Corporate Governance Report 2019.pdf

DIALOG Financial Statements 2019.pdf

DIALOG Annual Report 2019.pdf

14 Oct 2019JFTECH JF Technology Berhad - Corporate Governance Report 2019.pdf

JF Technology Berhad - Appendix I (Constitution).pdf

JF Technology Berhad - Annual Report 2019.pdf

10 Oct 2019GLBHD GLBHD CG Report 2019 (Bursa).pdf

GLBHD AR 2019 (Bursa).pdf

09 Oct 2019HUMEIND HIB - CG-Report 2019.pdf

HIB - Appendix A Constitution.pdf

HIB - Annual Report 2019.pdf

09 Oct 2019CIHLDG CIHB-Corporate Governance Report.pdf

CIHB-Annual Report 2019.pdf

08 Oct 2019MPI MPI - 2019 CG Report.pdf

MPI - Appendix A Constitution.pdf

MPI - 2019 Annual Report.pdf

08 Oct 2019HLIND HLI - CG-Report 2019.pdf

HLI - Appendix A Constitution.pdf

HLI - Annual Report 2019.pdf

07 Oct 2019IOIPG IOIPG-CG Report (2019).pdf

IOIPG-Annual Report 2 (Page 128 - end).pdf

IOIPG-Annual Report 1 (Cover page - Page 127).pdf

02 Oct 2019HLCAP Hong Leong Capital Berhad Corporate Governance Report 2019.pdf

Hong Leong Capital Berhad Annual Report 2019.pdf

02 Oct 2019HLFG Hong Leong Financial Group Berhad Corporate Governance Report 2019.pdf

Hong Leong Financial Group Berhad - Annual Report 2019.pdf

02 Oct 2019DUTALND DutaLand Berhad Corporate Governance Report 2019.pdf

Dutaland Berhad Annual Report 2019.pdf

01 Oct 2019GUOCO GLM-CG Report (FY2019).pdf

Appendix A to the Notice of 95th AGM - Proposed New Constitution of GuocoLand (Malaysia) Berhad.pdf

GLM-Annual Report 2019.pdf

30 Sep 2019UCREST CORPORATE GOVERNANCE REPORT 2019-F (UCrest Berhad).pdf

Appendix I-Constitution (UCrest).pdf

AR2019 (Bursa) Part 2 - Final (UCrest).pdf

AR2019 (Bursa) Part 1 - Final (UCrest).pdf

30 Sep 2019KEYASIC CG Report-F-Key ASIC Berhad 2019.pdf

Key Asic AR 2019 (Bursa).pdf

Appendix I-Consitution-AR Key ASIC Berhad.pdf

30 Sep 2019DPIH DPIH_Corporate Governance Report.pdf

DPIH_Annual Report 2019_Abridged.pdf

DPIH_Annual Report 2019.pdf

30 Sep 2019VIZIONE Vizione CG Report FYE 2019.pdf

Vizione Holdings Berhad - Constitution.pdf

Vizione 2019 Annual Report_Part 2.pdf

Vizione 2019 Annual Report_Part 1.pdf

30 Sep 2019HLBANK Hong Leong Bank Berhad Corporate Governance Report 2019.pdf

Hong Leong Bank Berhad Sustainability Report 2019.pdf

Hong Leong Bank Berhad Annual Report 2019.pdf

30 Sep 2019ECOHLDS Ecobuilt Holdings Berhad - CG Report 2019.pdf

Appendix I - Proposed Constitution.pdf

Ecobuilt Holdings Berhad - AR 2019.pdf

30 Sep 2019CARING Caring - CG Report 2019.pdf

Caring - Annual Report 2019.pdf

30 Sep 2019PENSONI Pensonic CG Report2019.pdf


27 Sep 2019FIBON Fibon Berhad - Constitution (Appendix A with AR).pdf

Fibon Berhad Corporate Governance Report 2019.pdf

Fibon Berhad Annual Report 2019.pdf

27 Sep 2019PAOS CG-Report 2019.pdf


PAOS AR19_Bursa.pdf

27 Sep 2019ESCERAM ES-CG Report (2019).pdf


ES Ceramic AR19_Bursa.pdf

27 Sep 2019EUROSP EUROSPAN Annual Report 2019.pdf

EUROSPAN CG Report 2019.pdf

27 Sep 2019GADANG Gadang-CG Report 2019.pdf

Gadang-AR 2019-Part 4.pdf.pdf

Gadang-AR 2019-Part 3.pdf.pdf

Gadang-AR 2019-Part 2.pdf.pdf

Gadang-AR 2019-Part 1.pdf.pdf

27 Sep 2019IOICORP IOIC-SR2019-Part 2.pdf

IOIC-SR2019-Part 1.pdf

IOIC -CG Report (2019).pdf

IOIC-AR2019-Part 2.pdf

IOIC-AR2019-Part 1.pdf