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Mon, 27 Jan 2020
12:19 PM Tourism stocks stoke Thai slump on China ban on group tours

BANGKOK: Thailand’s stock market tumbled Monday on the prospect of economic turbulence after China banned outbound group tours to fight the spread of the novel coronavirus that’s sickened thousands of people.
12:16 PM Coronavirus could hit Japan’s economy harder than SARS

TOKYO: China’s escalating viral outbreak may end up hitting Japan’s fragile economy harder than the SARS outbreak of 2003, according to economists.
12:00 PM Air India bidders must absorb US$3.3b debt to buy carrier

HONG KONG: Bidders for Air India Ltd. will need to absorb $3.26 billion of its debt, as Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s administration tries once again to sell the national carrier.
11:18 AM Malaysia records lower total foreign inflow

KUALA LUMPUR: Foreign investors were net buyers in the local equity market last week, recording a total net inflow of RM23.48 million from Jan 20-23 compared with RM63.66 million from Jan 13-16 as markets remained fragile amid concerns over the 2019 novel coronavirus outbreak.
11:09 AM Shares, oil slide as China virus fears intensify

TOKYO: Stocks tumbled on Monday as investors grew increasingly anxious about the economic impact of China's spreading virus outbreak, with demand spiking for safe-haven assets such as the Japanese yen and Treasury notes.
10:57 AM Palm oil - a most versatile and nutritious edible oil

KUALA LUMPUR: With 80 per cent of palm oil used in food applications, the Malaysian Palm Oil Board (MPOB) says it is constantly focusing on providing evidence of the nutritional properties of the versatile oil, backed by credible scientific research carried out in collaboration with renowned research institutions as well as in-house.
10:50 AM Govt determined to drive digital economy growth in 2020

PUTRAJAYA: The government is determined to drive the development of digital economy to boost the nation’s economic growth, said Finance Minister Lim Guan Eng.
9:11 AM 【独家】曾立强直冲第二 林国泰跌至第八

自2011年推出“南洋富豪榜”以来,大马首富的桂冠常年落在“亚洲糖王”郭鹤年的身上,只有1年因股价波动而略逊于阿南达克里斯南。 因此,最新一年的首...
7:22 AM China has world's 2nd-largest arms industry

STOCKHOLM: Newly available data suggests that China is the world's second-biggest arms producer, behind the United States and ahead of Russia, a leading conflict and armaments think-tank said on Monday.
7:16 AM TNB’s solar project generates more than 110,000MWh of energy in one year

KUALA LUMPUR: Tenaga Nasional Bhd’s (TNB) 50 megawatt (MW) large scale solar (LSS) project in Sepang went through an encouraging first year of operation, generating more than 110,000 megawatt hour (MWh) of energy and maintaining a near-perfect plant’s availability of 99%.
7:16 AM Cut back on e-mail if you want to fight global warming

NEW YORK: Everyone has seen the warning. At the bottom of the e-mail, it says: “Please consider the environment before printing.” But for those who care about global warming, you might want to consider not writing so many e-mails in the first place.
7:16 AM EV maker Rivian says expect prices lower than previously announced

MILL VALLEY: Electric vehicle startup Rivian has displayed its pickup truck and SUV at an event in San Francisco’s Bay Area and said that when their prices are unveiled soon they will be lower than has been previously announced.
7:16 AM Putin’s final-term strategy

MOSCOW: With time running out on his final term as president, Vladimir Putin evidently wants to end it with a boom.
7:16 AM Nasdaq 100 firms heading into earnings season

HONG KONG: Companies in the Nasdaq 100 are headed into earnings season with momentum that approaches the unprecedented, their value up by more than US$1 trillion since October.
7:16 AM Prepare for turbulence in emerging markets

ENCOURAGING trends in emerging markets belie their volatility since the taper tantrum of 2013, when the Federal Reserve signalled it was pulling back on quantitative easing. Further turbulence is likely, despite the improving outlook for advanced economies, easing trade tensions and accommodative monetary policy.
7:16 AM Argentine soy crusher Vicentin in takeover talks

BUENOS AIRES: Argentina’s top exporter of processed soy, Vicentin, is in talks over a potential takeover deal with firms including European grains giant Glencore to help resolve a debt crisis, according to two sources close to the negotiations.
7:16 AM Nestle teams up with Canadian ingredient makers

WINNIPEG: Food company Nestle SA said it has teamed up with small Canadian plant-based food ingredient makers Burcon and Merit Functional Foods, the second such supply agreement this month that targets Canadian crops.
7:16 AM Tourism in Japan hit by China tour ban

TOKYO: Japan’s goal of attracting 40 million visitors this year may already be in danger, following China’s decision to ban tour groups going overseas to help contain the impact of the rapidly spreading novel coronavirus.
7:16 AM REITs still a good bet for investors

PETALING JAYA: Despite the persisting oversupply situation in the office and retail space, real estate investment trusts (REITs) could still prove to be a promising option for investors this year.
7:16 AM Fleet management job for Naza-Berjaya

Contract to be finalised by June this year
7:16 AM Boeing’s 777X jetliner successfully completes maiden flight

SEATTLE: Boeing Co successfully staged the first flight of the world’s largest twin-engined jetliner in a respite from the crisis over its smallest model, the grounded 737 MAX.
7:16 AM FBM KLCI slips below 50-day SMA

REVIEW: Even as Iran-US tensions subsided following the military action between the two nations earlier this month, fears over a possible outbreak of a potentially deadly virus could derail investment sentiment.
7:16 AM Eye on stock

VISDYNAMICS Holdings Bhd (code: 0120) is not showing any signs of ending its rally going by recent performances.
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7:16 AM India likely to raise import duties on more than 50 items

NEW DELHI: India plans to increase import duties on more than 50 items including electronics, electrical goods, chemicals and handicrafts, targeting about $56 billion worth of imports from China and elsewhere, officials and industry sources said.
6:55 AM US Treasury's Mnuchin says he has learned his lesson on dollar comments

LONDON: U.S. Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin said he had learnt the hard way to be guarded in his comments on the dollar after roiling financial markets in 2018 by breaking from the usual language about the currency.
6:42 AM Tesla's Musk seeks to allay water concerns at factory site after protests

FRANKFURT: Tesla Chief Executive Elon Musk sought to allay environmental concerns about the electric carmaker's planned factory in Germany, saying the plant would use less water than was estimated originally.
12:12 AM 卡亚纳:与业界携手

马来西亚棕油的品质不容置疑,但相信许多人并不知道其实百姓日常生活中有很多食品的原材料都是源自于棕油。 迈入2020年,随着市场因素改善,原...
Sun, 26 Jan 2020
11:12 PM 拥完善监管体制与环境条件

(新加坡26日讯)拥有完善监管体制、经商与人才环境等条件,让新加坡在一项最新的人才竞争力调查中高居亚太区榜首,在全球排名第三。 由欧洲工商管理学院(INS...
11:12 PM 副首相办公室:不曾委任
“Raymond Cheah”非副揆顾问

(布城26日讯)副首相办公室澄清,副首相拿督斯里旺阿兹莎医生不曾委任“Raymond Cheah”为顾问。 该办公室日前在旺阿兹莎的面簿专页贴文说...
11:12 PM 【独家】梁健文:5千建筑物将招标

专访大马生物质工业联合会总会长拿督梁健文 (吉隆坡26日讯)大马生物质工业联合会总会长拿督梁健文指出,政府将推动节能计划,仅是政府建筑物,就将创造...
11:12 PM 税局提供管理指南
10:12 PM 降温措施奏效

(新加坡26日讯)房地产分析师指出,新加坡政府2018年推出的房地产降温措施已奏效,使狮城私宅价格增速慢下来。 由于新加坡经济蓬勃、人们对房屋需求...
10:12 PM 武汉虽危,吾往矣!

武汉肺炎疫情危急,加上封城应对,市内乃至湖北医疗机构的医护人员、诊疗物资和设备供应,都面对重重考验。 不过中国许多省市的医务人员充分发挥“一方有难...
10:12 PM 棕油协会驳欧盟禁进口打击论

(吉隆坡26日讯)大马棕油协会(MPOA)驳斥欧盟禁止棕油进口的措施,将对我国本地业者造成严重打击的论点,并直言棕油仍可出口至其他市场。 该协会总...
10:12 PM 印度大马陷纠纷

(吉隆坡26日讯)在印度与马来西亚发生争执之际,前者随即增加了对印尼棕油的采购量,印尼则是迅速“投桃报李”,立即同意增加印度的水牛肉、白糖和汽车零部件的进口。 ...
10:12 PM 方案集团大股东态度矛盾/前线把关

方案集团(SOLUTN)的集团董事经理兼大股东林宝财,在资产收购和业务多元化的提案放弃投票,让股东大感意外。 在去年12月21日的股东特别大会上,股东们否...
10:12 PM 全球化转向新模式/马来西亚安邦智库

在全球化的进程上,2019年无疑是重要的一年。 在过去1年中,以中美贸易战、日韩贸易纠纷、美欧、美日、美加、美墨等贸易争端为代表,整个世界范围内的自由贸易...
9:12 PM 马股缺利好

从中国武汉爆发的新型冠状病毒肺炎疫情扩散,且国家银行意外降息,在上周冲击着市场投资情绪。 分析员认为,马股缺乏催化剂带动,本周交易仍趋淡静料续在1575点...
9:12 PM 敦马:打工收入有限

(莎阿南26日讯)首相敦马哈迪医生鼓励更多国人创业或从商,因为唯有经商,拥有本身的事业,才能创造财富。 他指出,只有通过企业家精神才能致富,而非替...
9:12 PM 国油报告惠及公司

8:12 PM 【独家】曾立强直冲第二 林国泰跌至第八

自2011年推出“南洋富豪榜”以来,大马首富的桂冠常年落在“亚洲糖王”郭鹤年的身上,只有1年因股价波动而略逊于阿南达克里斯南。 因此,最新一年的首...
8:12 PM 季报传统应保留/万年船

因为这个杠杆与反转指数基金普通散户不能交易的问题,万年船又尝试去黄金指数基金(GOLDETF)下单,还是不成功。 看来大马交易所的所谓“推广和多元化投资”...
7:12 PM 全面了解综合车险/廖为瀚

Myvi和马赛地(Mercedes)有什么共同点呢?答:这两辆车都需要汽车保险才能上路喔。 不管全新或二手,本地或进口,只要在我国拥有汽车就必需要...
4:39 PM Hopes high for tech stock 'Cadillacs'; so are their prices

NEW YORK: Wall Street is betting that the most popular US technology and internet stocks can keep outshining the broader equities market but their latest rally leaves little room for error this earnings season.
3:28 PM Right time to review portfolio

COMPANIES are in the midst of reporting their fourth-quarter results, accompanied by their 2020 predictions.
11:12 AM 武汉肺炎影响

7:33 AM Boeing's 777X jetliner successfully completes maiden flight

SEATTLE: Boeing Co successfully completed on Saturday the maiden flight of the world's largest twin-engined jetliner as the embattled planemaker steps up competition with European rival Airbus in a respite from a crisis over its smaller 737 MAX.
7:21 AM Tracking virus outbreak’s impact on business and travel

A RAPIDLY spreading viral outbreak is disrupting travel and business in China, which took unprecedented steps to lock down cities with a combined 40 million people around the epicenter in Wuhan to try to slow its progress.
7:16 AM World about to learn if US$1 trillion tech rally was a good idea

HONG KONG: Companies in the Nasdaq 100 are headed into earnings season with momentum that approaches the unprecedented, their value up by more than $1 trillion since October.
Sat, 25 Jan 2020
6:02 PM [水星] 無聊的新年Number of Likes1 like moneyKing
6:00 PM [ALex Lu] ICON: Watch Out Below! moneyKing
2:12 PM 建筑农业饮食首当其冲

(达沃斯25日讯)在瑞士达沃斯发布的一项最新研究报告称,世界上超过一半的国内生产总值(GDP)面临着自然损失的风险。 2019年是全球海洋有记录以...
12:12 PM 2空难让737 MAX惨赔

(纽约25日讯)2大空难让波音737 MAX产线全面停摆,公司营运成本提高,据传波音(Boeing)公司正向银行商讨贷款事宜,金额恐达100亿美元(约405亿7...
12:12 PM 中东动荡她最伤

10:12 AM 红包用新钞

10:12 AM 专家:无强制效力

10:12 AM 欧盟:防止滥用

10:12 AM 新年首秀

9:16 AM Live the dream, and win a Ferrari

LAVISH luxuries await residents of City Of Dreams (COD), an ultra-extravagant residential condominium in Penang where the dream life, could come with a brand new Ferrari!
9:12 AM 结束“3年长跑”

(伦敦25日讯)根据报道,英国首相鲍里斯·约翰逊在伦敦唐宁街正式签署脱欧协议,结束“久拖不决”的历史。 约翰逊自豪地宣布这是一个“美妙的时刻”。 ...
7:29 AM FAA tells US airlines it could approve MAX return to service before mid-year

WASHINGTON: Federal Aviation Administrator Steve Dickson called senior U.S. airline officials on Friday and told them the agency could approve the grounded Boeing 737 MAX's return to service before mid-year - a faster time frame than the planemaker suggested this week, people briefed on the calls said.
7:19 AM Indonesia to increase imports from India amid New Delhi-Malaysia spa

KUALA LUMPUR/NEW DELHI: Indonesia has agreed to immediately increase imports of Indian buffalo meat, sugar and auto parts after India boosted purchases of Indonesian palm oil amid a spat with rival supplier Malaysia, two Indian government sources with direct knowledge of the matter told Reuters.
7:16 AM FGV: MoU to set up halal plant terminated

KUALA LUMPUR: FGV Holdings Bhd and South Korea’s Samyang Food Co Ltd’s proposed tie-up for the latter’s setting up of a halal production plant in Malaysia will not go ahead.
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7:16 AM “RAT-ional” expectations

GONG Xi Fa Cai! Today is the first day of the Lunar New Year as we usher in the Year of the Rat. How did the Lunar New Year come to be associated with the 12 zodiac animals?
7:16 AM Winning auto formula for 2020

FOR an industry that has seen sales stagnate over the last few years, 2020 started with a shock for the local automotive sector.
7:16 AM Politics rules the day in MAS sale

Will Khazanah be given a free hand to decide on what’s best for the national carrier?
7:16 AM COP25, Madrid’19: Too little, too late

COP25, the 25th United Nations (UN) climate talks, in Madrid was a huge disappointment. As I understand it, the talks had two main goals: to seek new commitments for further drastic cuts in emissions of greenhouse gases beyond that promised in Paris‘15; and to agree on a set of regulations for new international carbon markets
7:16 AM Short Position: Fallout from Ooi’s arrest

THE nature of the suspension of Atta Global Group Bhd and Heng Huat Resources Group Bhd last week came as a surprise. This week, further disclosure on why the Securities Commission (SC) ordered for the two stocks to be suspended is shocking.
7:16 AM Making ‘bread’ in East Malaysia

Kim Teck Cheong banks on Gardenia-branded food products for growth
7:16 AM Benchmark oil logs worst weekly loss in a year as China virus fears swell

NEW YORK: Crude prices sank more than 2% on Friday and Brent logged its biggest weekly decline in more than a year as concerns that a coronavirus will spread farther in China, the world's second-largest oil consumer, curbing travel and oil demand.
7:16 AM Firms ready to supply more gloves if virus spreads

PETALING JAYA: The Malaysian Rubber Glove Manufacturers Association (Margma) says its members are all geared up to produce more gloves to meet the requirements if the coronavirus outbreak becomes a pandemic.
7:16 AM Top Glove’s ambitious Fortune Global 500 goal

THE world’s largest manufacturer of rubber gloves Top Glove Corp Bhd has set itself a lofty goal – to become a Fortune Global 500 company by 2040.
7:16 AM Toll rate cut could see PLUS losing RM500m

MARC: No pressure on debt-servicing ability in intermediate term
7:16 AM Yong Tai charts new course

The company plans to build an international cruise terminal at its Impression City development in Melaka, but can it raise the funds for it?
7:16 AM UEM Edgenta MD/CEO resigns

PETALING JAYA: UEM Edgenta Bhd announced yesterday the resignation of the company’s managing director/CEO Datuk Azmir Merican.
7:16 AM Statistics Dept: Leading index grew 1.1% in Nov

KUALA LUMPUR: The Statistics Department’s leading index (LI) shows the economy is expected to chart better momentum in the January to May period of 2020.
7:16 AM Palm oil spat unfavourable for India

INDIA may be biting its own tongue for boycotting crude palm oil (CPO) from Malaysia.
7:07 AM China virus fears spook US shares

NEW YORK: U.S. shares and crude prices fell sharply on Friday as investors moved into safe-haven assets amid concerns that a spreading virus from China would curb travel and hurt economic demand.