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1. [水星] 無聊的新年Number of Likes1 like moneyKing
2. [ALex Lu] ICON: Watch Out Below! moneyKing
3. [夜月空间] 斤经济较:2020年可以注重的行业(有介绍股票哦) moneyKing
4. 【独家】曾立强直冲第二 林国泰跌至第八

自2011年推出“南洋富豪榜”以来,大马首富的桂冠常年落在“亚洲糖王”郭鹤年的身上,只有1年因股价波动而略逊于阿南达克里斯南。 因此,最新一年的首...
5. Right time to review portfolio

COMPANIES are in the midst of reporting their fourth-quarter results, accompanied by their 2020 predictions.
6. 武汉肺炎影响

7. 【独家】曾立强直冲第二 林国泰跌至第八

自2011年推出“南洋富豪榜”以来,大马首富的桂冠常年落在“亚洲糖王”郭鹤年的身上,只有1年因股价波动而略逊于阿南达克里斯南。 因此,最新一年的首...
8. Shares, oil slide as China virus fears intensify

TOKYO: Stocks tumbled on Monday as investors grew increasingly anxious about the economic impact of China's spreading virus outbreak, with demand spiking for safe-haven assets such as the Japanese yen and Treasury notes.
9. [Alex Lu] ICON: Ex for a 50-to-1 Share Consolidation [WARNING!] moneyKing
10. Indonesia to increase imports from India amid New Delhi-Malaysia spa

KUALA LUMPUR/NEW DELHI: Indonesia has agreed to immediately increase imports of Indian buffalo meat, sugar and auto parts after India boosted purchases of Indonesian palm oil amid a spat with rival supplier Malaysia, two Indian government sources with direct knowledge of the matter told Reuters.
11. Short Position: Fallout from Ooi’s arrest

THE nature of the suspension of Atta Global Group Bhd and Heng Huat Resources Group Bhd last week came as a surprise. This week, further disclosure on why the Securities Commission (SC) ordered for the two stocks to be suspended is shocking.
12. Prepare for turbulence in emerging markets

ENCOURAGING trends in emerging markets belie their volatility since the taper tantrum of 2013, when the Federal Reserve signalled it was pulling back on quantitative easing. Further turbulence is likely, despite the improving outlook for advanced economies, easing trade tensions and accommodative monetary policy.
13. Hopes high for tech stock 'Cadillacs'; so are their prices

NEW YORK: Wall Street is betting that the most popular US technology and internet stocks can keep outshining the broader equities market but their latest rally leaves little room for error this earnings season.
14. 建筑农业饮食首当其冲

(达沃斯25日讯)在瑞士达沃斯发布的一项最新研究报告称,世界上超过一半的国内生产总值(GDP)面临着自然损失的风险。 2019年是全球海洋有记录以...
15. Firms ready to supply more gloves if virus spreads

PETALING JAYA: The Malaysian Rubber Glove Manufacturers Association (Margma) says its members are all geared up to produce more gloves to meet the requirements if the coronavirus outbreak becomes a pandemic.
16. 武汉虽危,吾往矣!

武汉肺炎疫情危急,加上封城应对,市内乃至湖北医疗机构的医护人员、诊疗物资和设备供应,都面对重重考验。 不过中国许多省市的医务人员充分发挥“一方有难...
17. 国油报告惠及公司

18. China has world's 2nd-largest arms industry

STOCKHOLM: Newly available data suggests that China is the world's second-biggest arms producer, behind the United States and ahead of Russia, a leading conflict and armaments think-tank said on Monday.
19. Eye on stock

VISDYNAMICS Holdings Bhd (code: 0120) is not showing any signs of ending its rally going by recent performances.
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20. [夜月空间] 斤经济较:MAYBANK什么价位适合买入收股息?Number of Likes1 like moneyKing