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Top 20 Hot News

1. [Alex Lu] SERBADK: A Lost Cause!
tag stockSERBADK -10.1%,
2. [歪歪理财记事本] 天无绝人之路:当暴跌到暴涨,暴涨转暴跌,原来再次的暴跌还能再次转暴涨Number of Likes1 like moneyKing
3. RAMSSOL(0236)IPO 重点分享
tag stockTOPGLOV -2.2%,
4. KPMG says audit was proper and will contest Serba Dinamik’s suit — but can a...
tag stockSERBADK -10.1%,
5. Serba Dinamik’s EY appointment could be a baby step to many unforeseen...
tag stockSERBADK -10.1%,
6. Cover Story: Withdrawal of Account 1 shook EPF to its core, says Amir
7. 还在关注 SERBADK? 可能你会错失这家潜在的 LIMIT UP 公司!Number of Comments3 comments
tag stockARBB -1.8%,
8. EPF continues to pare down stake in Serba Dinamik as it offloads another 30.5...
9. Muhyiddin: Govt has approved solar module manufacturing investment worth RM42.2b
10. Serba Dinamik, Astro, Sunway, DNeX, BSLCorp, Aeon, Scientex, Magni-Tech,...
tag stockSERBADK -10.1%, ASTRO 0%, SUNWAY -2.8%, DNEX -6.2%, BSLCORP 0%, AEON -3.0%, SCIENTX +0.5%, MAGNI -1.7%, BINACOM 0%, KAB -0.7%, JHM -1.1%,
11. Serba Dinamik plunges 10% following news of KPMG's resignation as external...
tag stockSERBADK -10.1%,
12. KPMG resigns as auditors of Serba Dinamik
tag stockSERBADK -10.1%,
13. Glove company profits hinge on many factors

KUALA LUMPUR: Tapering average selling prices (ASP) may be catching up with the enthusiasm for rubber gloves despite expectations for strong ongoing demand.
tag stockKOSSAN -2.4%, HARTA -4.1%, TOPGLOV -2.2%, SUPERMX -1.7%, COMFORT -3.0%, RUBEREX -5.2%,
14. Auditors will quit if judgement compromised by conflict of interest — MICPA
tag stockSERBADK -10.1%,
15. Serba Dinamik continues share price fall, with KPower and SCIB also in the red
tag stockSERBADK -10.1%,
16. Warren Buffett resigns from Gates Foundation, has donated half his fortune
17. MIDF downgrades glove sector to 'neutral' as peak in urgent demand points to...
tag stockHARTA -4.1%, KOSSAN -2.4%, SUPERMX -1.7%, TOPGLOV -2.2%,
18. EVENING 5: Five things you need to know today
19. C&C Bintang share price surges 31% after takeover offer lapses
tag stockCCB -3.8%,
20. FMM: Move to Phase Two of FMCO after June 28, allow more economic sectors to...