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1. 浅谈 MI(5286)Q3 业绩  !
tag stockMI +5.9%,
2. Dr Mahathir: Malaysia’s stock market will collapse completely if emergency...
3. WELLCAL(7231)公司探访重点
tag stockWELLCAL -8.7%,
4. [Alex Lu] Glove Stocks: Is That A Temporary Top?
tag stockHARTA -2.7%, KOSSAN -0.9%, SUPERMX -2.1%, TOPGLOV -2.2%, GENTING +0.7%, AIRPORT +2.4%,
5. (Tradeview Commentaries) - When Healthcare Sneezes, KLCI Catches A Cold
tag stockHARTA -2.7%, TOPGLOV -2.2%, SUPERMX -2.1%,
6. As Malaysia emergency rumours swirl, RHB says stock knee-jerk sell-off an...
7. [第一天] TENAGA跌了那么多,是否已经跌出价值了呢?Number of Likes6 likes
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8. 再谈冷门的手套  受惠股!Number of Comments1 comment
tag stockDNONCE -3.1%, MAHSING -8.8%, ESCERAM -2.1%,
9. Former AG Thomas: Form a unity government instead of calling a national...
10. Possible extension of CMCO in Klang Valley if Covid-19 cases continue to...
11. To retire rich, don’t leave too much to your kids

LIKE self-improvement books, the purpose of pension adequacy surveys is to make us feel lousy about ourselves.
12. Malaysia rulers meet to consider prime minister's emergency proposal
13. [第一天] GENTING(3182)和GENM(4715)有什么分别?哪一只比较值得投资?Number of Likes15 likes
tag stockGENM +2.0%, GENTING +0.7%,
14. King says no need for emergency for the time being, stresses importance of...
15. [第一天 ] 哪家银行提供便宜的水钱 (LOWEST BROKERAGE FEE)Number of Likes3 likes moneyKing
16. Six more Covid-19 clusters detected — Health D-G
17. Anwar must refer to Federal Constitution before commenting on speculations over...
18. MoH mulls over allowing Covid-19 patients to be treated at home
19. Maxis, Careplus, Unisem, Mi Technovation, Tasco, UEM Sunrise, AirAsia, AAX,...
tag stockMAXIS -0.2%, CAREPLS -3.1%, UNISEM +5.3%, MI +5.9%, TASCO +11.1%, AIRASIA +1.8%, AAX +14.3%, AIRPORT +2.4%, KGROUP -15.4%, VSOLAR +16.7%,
20. JF Technology to partner with a Chinese smartphone giant to set up plant in...
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