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Bursa Malaysia Latest Dividend News

Entitlement TypeDividend
29 Sep 23ATECH13 Oct 2316 Oct 2310 Nov 23Interim Dividend2.30000.00 Malaysia Stock - ATECH Dividend
29 Sep 23JAYCORP14 Dec 2315 Dec 2329 Dec 23Final Dividend4.00000.00 Malaysia Stock - JAYCORP Dividend
29 Sep 23PMCORP17 Oct 2318 Oct 2327 Oct 23Interim Dividend0.60000.00 Malaysia Stock - PMCORP Dividend
29 Sep 23YINSON29 Nov 2330 Nov 2315 Dec 23Interim Dividend2.00000.00 Malaysia Stock - YINSON Dividend
29 Sep 23HLBANK31 Oct 2301 Nov 2322 Nov 23Final Dividend38.00000.00 Malaysia Stock - HLBANK Dividend
27 Sep 23PTRB13 Oct 2316 Oct 2310 Nov 23First Interim Dividend0.65000.00 Malaysia Stock - PTRB Dividend
27 Sep 23KMLOONG25 Oct 2326 Oct 2315 Nov 23Interim Dividend5.00000.00 Malaysia Stock - KMLOONG Dividend
27 Sep 23MCEHLDG13 Oct 2316 Oct 2330 Oct 23Second Interim Dividend3.00000.00 Malaysia Stock - MCEHLDG Dividend
27 Sep 23HLCAP27 Oct 2330 Oct 2321 Nov 23Final Dividend17.00000.00 Malaysia Stock - HLCAP Dividend
26 Sep 23ICTZONE-PA03 Oct 2304 Oct 2316 Oct 23Others2.00000.00 Malaysia Stock - ICTZONE-PA Dividend
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