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Member Star
Posts: 21
Joined: Jul 2013
Male, MYS
12 Jan 2017, 10:16 AMPost #21

1.03 now... go go goyeah

TP1: 1.25

TP2: 1.40

TP3: 1.66

See chart at http://www.malaysiastock.biz/Stock-Chart.aspx?securitycode=1171

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Posts: 21
Joined: Jul 2013
Male, MYS
17 Jan 2017, 07:41 PMPost #22

MBSB, see you at 1.25 soon. 

Member Star
Posts: 36
Joined: Dec 2016
Male, MYS
17 May 2017, 06:24 PMPost #23

Comments on coming dividend of MBSB share : Entitlement date of 3 cts per share is on 26/5/2017; Payment is on 22/6/2017. So I may start to sell part of my MBSB shares AFTER 26/5/2017 if the current share price  which is RM 1.32 on 17/5/2017 stable around RM 1.32 . Any comments. A.david

Member Star
Posts: 440
Joined: May 2017
Male, MYS
23 Dec 2020, 10:17 PMPost #24

Market cap 6.97 billion.Buy call at 68-69 cents.TP 95 cents-rm 1.10.

Member StarMember Star
Posts: 522
Joined: Aug 2020
Male, MYS
20 Mar 2024, 07:44 AMPost #25

Before becoming an Islamic banking group in 2017, MBSB was mainly a property financier. This changed with the acquisition of Asian Finance Bank in 2017 as this propelled MBSB into Malaysia’s second-largest standalone Islamic Bank.


But as can be seen from the return charts, this also resulted in reducing its returns from both the ROE and ROA perspective.

Of course this was the combination of lower bottom line with more assets and equity. The point is that if you were a shareholder prior to the transformation, you got lower returns. This is not exactly exciting news for MBSB shareholders.

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