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28 May 2013, 02:09 PMPost #1
i like this consumer stock
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23 Jul 2013, 11:39 AMPost #2
Hi Garlic, it's so impressive abt ur stock taken. I got a book, but im feel some confusing something inside, can you teach me a while?

because i'm confusing regsrding avearge EPS growth rate?

Example below,for yrs 2012, the growth rate is -20.37%. so i also need average up this 4 percentage growth rate? it will be only 8% EPS growth rate. if i ignore the negative %. then i just avearge 3 percentage growth rate, it will be 18%. May i know how i should calcuate for it? hope to get u reply soon.

YRS EPS Growth rate
2012 0.129 -20.37%
2011 0.162 20.00%
2010 0.135 21.62%
2009 0.111 11.00%
2008 0.1
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13 Apr 2014, 08:57 AMPost #3
Hi Garlic, it's so impressive abt ur stock taken. I got a book, but im feel some confusing somet...francis84 @ 23 Jul 2013, 11:39 AM
CIMB Research starts coverage of Bonia, target price RM8.11

KUALA LUMPUR: CIMB Equities Research has initiated coverage of local retailer Bonia Corp with an Add recommendation and a target price of RM8.11, which is 62.2% over the last traded price of RM5.

It said on Thursday that Bonia, after lying low in the past few years to focus on internal restructuring and strategy realignment, it is leading other Malaysian brands in becoming a truly regional premium brand.

“Its international expansion is a potential re-rating catalyst,” it said.

CIMB Research said the valuation is derived from 19.3 times CY15 P/E, a 20% premium over its target market P/E, due to Bonia’s relatively higher earnings growth trajectory.

“This implies that there is 62% upside to its current share price,” it added, pointing out Bonia has a network of 1,027 sales outlets and 164 standalone boutiques throughout Asia, including Singapore, Malaysia, China, Taiwan, Japan, Vietnam, Thailand, Myanmar, Indonesia, Brunei, Oman, and Saudi Arabia.

The group is primarily focused on the manufacturing of leather goods and shoes and their design, promotion and marketing under its in-house brands. In addition to its flagship fashion label, Bonia, the group’s two other major in-house brands are Sembonia and Carlo Rino.

“The group’s EPS is expected to more than double in three years’ time. We estimate that Bonia’s EPS will rise by 125% from 21 sen in FY13 to 46 sen in FY16, translating into three-year EPS CAGR of 31.1%.

“We are of the opinion that the stock’s current valuation does not reflect the company’s earnings growth trajectory, as it is trading at only 12.5 times FY15F P/E and 10.2 times FY16 P/E,” said CIMB Research.
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01 Sep 2014, 07:41 PMPost #4
Come on Bonia - good results but can do better with the share prices ... why drop ?question
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10 Sep 2014, 11:57 AMPost #5
HI FREINDS any recommendation this stock. i would like to buy, its how. pls advise
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04 Dec 2014, 05:11 PMPost #6
Datuk buy back share.. Look like it's the best time to in.yeahyeah
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26 Oct 2016, 12:27 PMPost #7
Finally this stock had started to move up, very low risk buy at current $0.66thumbup
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16 Jun 2017, 03:37 PMPost #8

Potential rebounce at fibo support 23%


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