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Member Star
Posts: 149
Joined: May 2012
Male, MYS
16 Jul 2012, 05:24 PMPost #1
Has anyone noticed this company has been ever growing steadily over the past few years? I have made a calculation and studied its records, ...dividend payouts have been increasing over the years, its debt is low, so it's low risk, relative low PE at the moment, its trend on chart is developing very good looking at this moment, ..perhaps this is the best time to get in and hold for long term for capital gain. I immediately bought a big "basket" home this morning. Wanna come along?rolleyes
Member Star
Posts: 5
Joined: Jan 2013
Male, MYS
14 Jan 2013, 09:47 AMPost #2
will hit RM2.00 soon...
profit increase last 3 years...
Member Star
Posts: 7
Joined: Jun 2012
Male, MYS
31 Jan 2013, 01:12 PMPost #3
Could have earn a big chunk of $ if the recent market sentiment is good.
Member Star
Posts: 1
Joined: Jul 2013
Male, MYS
05 Jul 2013, 09:59 AMPost #4
Latest write up on 7167 JOHOTIN

Synergistic acquisitions to drive earnings growth. Johore Tin (share price RM1.86, market cap RM174m, 21% owned by Edward Goh & family) is well known as one of the largest tin can manufacturers in Malaysia. The tin can manufacturing business is a mature yet stable industry given the relatively resilient demand from tin can users, largely in the food industry. However, Johore Tin’s impressive venture into the F&B business (producing sweetened condensed milk and evaporated milk) in Nov11 has proven to be a resounding success as its FY12 earnings surged 107% to RM23m from RM11m in FY11.

Up-and-coming F&B proxy. Johore Tin acquired Able Diaries in Nov11 for RM31m which came with a profit guarantee of RM7m in FY11 and RM10m in FY12, translating into forward PE multiples of 3-4x at that time. Indeed, Able Diaries’ earnings well exceeded the profit guarantee, largely due to the robust demand for its milk and dairy products in Africa, Middle East and ASEAN. There is vast market potential within ASEAN such as Myanmar, Cambodia and Thailand which are untapped by the group. F&B business now comprises c.70% of Johore Tin’s pretax profit, which leads us to position the company as an up-and-coming proxy to the resilient F&B industry.

Expansion plan set to capture strong demand. Johore Tin bought a 4-acre land in Teluk Panglima Garang, Klang for RM5.8m in Dec12 to add a new warehouse and factory in view of the space constraint at its existing milk and dairy products manufacturing facility. Able Dairies’ facility has been running at close to full working space capacity, limiting its utilisation to just 65% due to the space constraint. We understand that the new warehouse will add an additional 100k sf which will free up the much needed working space to immediately ramp up Able Diaries’ utilisation while the additional milk canning line will boost its production capacity by 25% from exiting output of 95m cans p.a.

Re-rating on the horizon. With the potential strong growth prospects coming from its F&B business, we believe that re-rating for Johore Tin is on the horizon. Trading at 7x FY12 PE, Johore Tin is indeed the cheapest consumer stock vis-à-vis its peers like Nestle (32x), Dutch Lady (25x), F&N (24x) and Singapore-listed Etika (24x). We recommend investors to accumulate the stock given its attractive valuation metrics. We derive a fair value of RM2.60 for Johore Tin, based on 9x FY13 EPS, which is at a steep 65% discount to peers average of 26x.
mr investor
Member Star
Posts: 40
Joined: Sep 2017
Male, MYS
01 Feb 2018, 05:05 PMPost #5

Check out this fundamental analysis of Johore Tin Berhad:


Highly recommended to those who want a good idea about this stock

Member Star
Posts: 202
Joined: Mar 2019
Male, MYS
04 Apr 2019, 05:45 PMPost #6

Day 32 of Fundamental Daily, YAPSS will be covering Johore Tin Berhad's fundamental via a short animated video. I hope it helps and please enjoy the video, see ya! #YAPSS #FundamentalDaily #JohoreTinBerhad

Click the on the link to find out more: https://youtu.be/UVeOkySy_Rw

Member Star
Posts: 172
Joined: Aug 2015
Male, MYS
08 Jul 2021, 11:52 AMPost #7

JOHOTIN stock review

  • Downward Trend try to break support at RM 1.53
  • Maximum Drawdown is 54 %
  • Growth rate 7 %
  • Cost of Equity 9.37 %
  • Two segments: Tin Can Manufacturing (22 % of 2020 revenue) and Dairy Products (78 % of 2020 revenue)
  • Operation affect by MCO - only 50 % capacity during MCO
  • High current ratio
  • negative CAGR for Free Cash Flow -8.11 %

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