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Member Star
Posts: 285
Joined: Mar 2014
Male, MYS
17 Jun 2014, 06:42 PMPost #21
rolleyesMnrb 6459 Rm 4.84 買进 马国民再保险,另一支 6139 takaful的化身.
1)公司全年(31-03-2014)共赚1.54亿 .EPS=72.7SEN .NTA=RM5.74 .
现价位RM4.84 .只是PE=6.6倍在交易,很明显股价被低估了,
接下来就是股价来新高了,好像之前的TAKAFUL 6139.
4)估计9月会公布30%的股息.净股息为22.5 sen
6)与takaful 6139 相同有回敎保险的产品业务,也是政联公司(大股东是政府机构),
a)takaful现在价位=rm12.88 pe=15 净利=1.388亿 eps=85.4 sen nta=rm3.3
b)Mnrb l现在价位=rm4.84 pe=6.6 净利=1.54亿 eps=72.7 sen nta=rm5.7
假如 Mnrb 的 pe=15 则价位=Rm10.90 (非常有上升空间).
10)善用手中的资金,集中火力,让资本增值最大化,MNRB 具备条件成为爆发股。

1) full year (31-03-2014) earned a total of 154 million. EPS = 72.7SEN. NTA = RM5.74.
Nominal bit RM4.84. Simply PE = 6.6 times in the transaction, obviously the stock is undervalued,
I guess the future of the stock market to go to RM7.00, PE = 10.
2) to 3-9-2013 ended, the company had cash 74,720,000.
3) 30 large shareholder has held 72% (153,405), the market flow only 59,665, a record high net profit,
Then there is the price to a new high, as if before TAKAFUL 6139.
4) estimated in September will be announced a 30% dividend. Net dividend of 22.5 sen
5) from the 27-05-2014 Q4 quarterly publication brisk in the company, the road began to rise so far (17-06-2014)
I still do not see a stop sign, the long-term trend for the better, fell back approach is a good opportunity, a bright prospect.
6) and takaful 6139 have Islam in the same business of insurance products, (government-linked companies is also the largest shareholder is the government agency),
So with innate advantages in terms of premium increases.
7) in the past five years (2009-2013) and has a net income growth, but keep the same number of shares (213 million shares),
From the price point of view is unusual, it is time to see shareholder capital increase.
8) compared with takaful6139, price-bit (rm4.84) ​​Investment mnrb more attractive than other
Insurance stocks lagged behind many of the stock is the time to catch a look -
a) takaful now price = rm12.88 pe = 15 Income = 138800000 eps = 85.4 sen nta = rm3.3
b) Mnrb l now price = rm4.84 pe = 6.6 Net = 154000000 eps = 72.7 sen nta = rm5.7
If Mnrb's pe = 15 则 price = Rm10.90 (very upside).
9) Insurance stocks well for future growth, resilient and strong.
10) use of the hands of the funds, concentrated fire, so to maximize capital appreciation, MNRB qualified to become outbreaks shares.
Grasp the opportunities currently offered. Achieve impressionistic, relaxing, watching the sea day, ha ha, I entered,
What are you waiting for it.
11) These are the catalyst for the share price rises, individual projections and finishing out of the ego.
Member Star
Posts: 285
Joined: Mar 2014
Male, MYS
19 Jun 2014, 05:25 PMPost #22
2年前(19-07-2012) takaful 6139 的股价=rm6.50 pe=13.7 净利=7678万 eps=47.2 sen
(19-07-2012) mnrb 6459 的股价=rm3.14 pe=16 净利=4174万 eps=19.6 sen

现在(19-06-2014) takaful 6139 的股价=rm12.86 pe=15 净利=1.38 亿 eps=85.4 sen nta=rm3.3
mnrb 6459 的股价=rm4.83 pe=6.6 净利=1.54亿 eps=72.7 sen nta=rm5.7

假如 Mnrb 的 pe=15 则价位=Rm10.90 (非常有上升空间).
mnrb 会成为下一个 takaful吗?取决于未来净利的表现,从最新的末季业绩大副度上升中看出,
Value was pondering find dark horse shares -
2 years ago (19-07-2012) takaful 6139 share price = rm6.50 pe = 13.7 Net = 76780000 eps = 47.2 sen
(19-07-2012) mnrb 6459 share price = rm3.14 pe = 16 Income = 41740000 eps = 19.6 sen

Now (19-06-2014) takaful 6139 share price = rm12.86 pe = 15 Income = 138000000 eps = 85.4 sen nta = rm3.3
mnrb 6459 share price = rm4.83 pe = 6.6 Net = 154000000 eps = 72.7 sen nta = rm5.7

If Mnrb's pe = 15 则 price = Rm10.90 (very upside).
mnrb will be the next takaful business? depend on the performance of future net income rose in the final quarter to see the latest results from the first mate,
Future worth looking forward to.
(Chart taken from the sail Lu Hang brother
Member Star
Posts: 5
Joined: Sep 2014
Male, MYS
01 Sep 2014, 07:39 PMPost #23
Well done MNRB - reasonable Dividends but could be better. Good profits - hope for better quarters ahead.thumbup
Member Star
Posts: 241
Joined: Sep 2012
Male, MYS
04 Feb 2018, 04:40 PMPost #24

MNRB ($2.63)

Time to look into this counter again !

Member Star
Posts: 439
Joined: May 2017
Male, MYS
04 Feb 2018, 05:35 PMPost #25

i would prefer to look at rm2.30-rm2.45 before it can try above rm3.00, resistant rm3.30-rm3.50,rm3.80 and rm4.30.Based on capital of 320 million.Any add of shares significantly please adjust it downward.

Member Star
Posts: 241
Joined: Sep 2012
Male, MYS
30 Oct 2018, 04:20 PMPost #26

At $0.97, how low can it go ?

Member Star
Posts: 241
Joined: Sep 2012
Male, MYS
28 Nov 2019, 07:26 PMPost #27

Another good qtr result (up 146%).

Member Star
Posts: 1
Joined: Aug 2022
Male, MYS
15 Aug 2022, 03:01 PMPost #28

Looks like MNRB has a steady revenue growth with decent profit margin over the past years.. nice.

Member Star
Posts: 9
Joined: Sep 2023
Male, MYS
26 Sep 2023, 03:40 PMPost #29

MNRB announced a single-tier final dividend of 4.45 sen per share, rose significantly by 78% VS the previous FY.

Member StarMember Star
Posts: 509
Joined: Aug 2020
Male, MYS
12 Nov 2023, 10:38 AMPost #30

I have quick and dirty formula to estimate the intrinsic value using the ROE and Book Value
Intrinsic value = (ROE/Cost of capital) X Book Value.  Its historical ROE is about 5% so that the term ROE/Cost of capital is about 50%. So are you surprised that the market price is about less than the Book Value? The company must improve it returns

yeah doh drool lol mad notworthy question rant rolleyes sad shutup shy smile star sweat thumbup wub cry

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