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Posts: 439
Joined: May 2017
Male, MYS
30 Apr 2019, 07:43 PMPost #21

  Possible showing profit of over 100 million coming 1 st quarter of financial 2019.All bad news factor in.Financial 2018 all about impairment and bad news.I see its on profit 150-250 million financial 2019 include court case and if without the court case then will be 350 million-500 million.There a reason there restructure the debt but not all.Demand increase,asset value increase,money lend will repay back, and other will add into account compare with minus for financial year 2018.



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30 May 2019, 06:52 PMPost #22

Hey! Today, R-Table will be covering Bumi Armada Berhad by presenting 10 years financial results in a short, fun & interesting way. Click the link below to watch the video.

Link: https://youtu.be/IVNQS13qiwU 
 #RTable #BumiArmadaBerhad

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Posts: 57
Joined: Nov 2019
Male, MYS
28 Jan 2020, 10:18 PMPost #23

[BUMI ARMADA LATEST ANALYSIS] https://malaysiainvestment88.blogspot.com/2020/01/bumi-armada-latest-analysis-drop-hugely.html

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18 Sep 2021, 03:11 PMPost #24


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Male, MYS
08 Dec 2023, 07:15 AMPost #25

“It’s built into the system that stocks get mispriced,” Warren Buffett said at the 2012 Berkshire Hathaway Annual Meeting.


There are several reasons why mispricing can occur from market inefficiencies to behavioural factors. I don’t really try to analyse the reasons for the mispricing, but rather look for opportunities for this.


I think Armada is a potential mispricing.


Armada ROE had been trailing those of my 2 reference Bursa energy services companies – Dayang and Deleum for many years since 2012.  But over the past 2 years, Armada ROE had overtaken those of Dayang and Deleum

At the same time when you look at the trends of the ROE and market price for Armada, you can see that while the ROE has shown improvements over the past 4 years, there has hardly been any improvement in the market price.


I would consider this a mispricing opportunity that warrants a deeper look.

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