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Posts: 70
Joined: Dec 2011
Male, MYS
16 Feb 2012, 11:04 AMPost #1
thumbupFY1111 Results Reviewthumbup

Record Earnings Since Listing
Prestariang reported 4QFY11 core earnings of RM10.6m and proposed a final DPS
of 4.0 sen. FY11 net profit surged >100% y-o-y to a new high of RM33.6m to match
our estimates while FY11 DPS stands at 8.0sen, which translates into a lucrative
yield 8.7% for the year. Our bullish view is reaffirmed by the strong numbers as
well as the stock’s appealing forecast FY12 DPS of 9.2 sen, which translates into a
dividend yield of 10%. We believe its stock will climb to new heights after closing
at a record high of RM0.92 yesterday, Hence, we maintain BUY, at a higher FV of
RM1.48, based on an unchanged 8x FY12 PER.

Numbers shine bright.
Prestariang’s FY11 revenue stood at RM111.8m vis-à-vis our previous forecast of RM111.0m, boosted by its software licence distribution and management division, which contributed more than three quarters of total revenue. EBIT rose to RM34.9m as margin expanded to a high 31.3%. This is the highest margin among its education peers given the company’s asset-light operating model and marginal depreciation expense of RM1.3m. The FY11 core earnings of RM33.6m were spot-on against our forecast.

A sturdy 4QFY11.
On a quarterly basis, the 4QFY11 revenue of RM32.6m was flat q-oq while EBIT improved 11.9% to RM11.5m owing to lower administrative expenses. The 4QFY11 net profit of RM10.6m rose by a softer 4.8% q-o-q due to tax leakages amounting to RM0.8m during the quarter.

Attractive dividend play.
The company declared a final DPS of 4.0 sen, bringing its FY11 DPS to 8.0 sen, which translates into a lucrative yield of 8.7% based on yesterday’s closing price of RM0.92. The move is in line with our guidance as we have been highlighting its light capex and strong cash generation. Hence, we expect the company to maintain its payout policy of 50% over the next 2 years, and pay a DPS of 9.2 sen and 10.3 sen respectively for FY12 and FY13.

At Prestariang’s results briefing, management highlighted that margins could improve further riding on its training and certification division. Hence, we are tweaking
our assumptions and taking into account a higher contribution from this division as well as wider margins. This accordingly bumps up our FY12 and FY13 EPS by 6.5% and
10.4% respectively. Our bullish view is reinforced by the sturdy 4QFY11 showing and
the stock’s attractive FY12 forecast DPS of 9.2 sen, which will translate into a dividend yield of 10% p.a. We believe its share price will scale new heights after yesterday’s close at a record RM0.92. Hence, we maintain our BUY, at a revised FV of RM1.48, based on an unchanged 8x FY12 PER.
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Male, MYS
16 Feb 2012, 09:49 PMPost #2
Woh...Very good company with high profit margin, ROE, dividend yield and future prospect. Will add into my watchlist. Thanks for sharing. notworthy
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Male, MYS
17 Feb 2012, 12:41 PMPost #3
yaaaah!found that this counter was collecting votes.l believe the group will be pushing up this unit incoming day .now it is gd chances to puchase!
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Male, MYS
17 Feb 2012, 12:56 PMPost #4
thumbupthumbupthumbupthumbupthumbupinvest with your own risk! don't blame other peopledoh
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Male, MYS
17 Feb 2012, 01:40 PMPost #5
Anyone got its latest annual report? Cannot find it from Bursa website and its website also.
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Male, MYS
05 Mar 2012, 09:00 AMPost #6























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Male, MYS
05 Mar 2012, 06:10 PMPost #7
建议买进? shy
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Male, MYS
05 Mar 2012, 07:38 PMPost #8
建议买进? shysweesin @ 05 Mar 2012, 06:10 PM

Just sharing a good stock. thumbup But this is new stock in KLSE, not much data can be referred.
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Male, MYS
07 Mar 2012, 03:20 PMPost #9
Saturday September 24, 2011

Up close and personal with Dr Abu Hasan Ismail

From an academician to an entrepreneur, he has made every step count and remains true to his beliefs, passion and principles.

PRESTARIANG Bhd chief executive officer Dr Abu Hasan Ismail would come across as a visionary teacher if one were to share a conversation with him about work and life.

Abu, whom his staff call “Doc”, has an easy demeanour about him that is engaging, reflecting the familial values he champions.

He is a risk taker who saw the potential in information and communication technology (ICT) at the start of the millennium and made something out of the then relatively unchartered waters.

However, not many understood his vision when he started the ICT service and education trading company Prestariang in 2003.

“It was a new idea and when you tell people about it, they always ask for an equivalent company to benchmark but if there is already a company like Prestariang, why am I doing this at all?” he says with a big laugh.

Career paths

He had a penchant for ICT but this was not his first calling in life. In his world that had buzz words such as clicks and hits when he started the company in 2003, his roots were in something the information age was trying to replace bricks and mortar.

He wanted to design buildings and pursued a degree in architecture at Universiti Teknologi Malaysia. Displaying an affinity at the drawing board, he then went on to finish his course in 1986 at University of Strathclyde in Glasgow.

“Everyone thought that I was going to become a successful architect but sometimes what you do in school and what you'll like to do out of school are two different things. But the learning experience you get attending classes is still important,” he says.

Despite stellar grades, he found the “closed-door profession” not his cup of tea and turned to ICT which intrigued him because everyone was involved in communication tecnology in some way.

He went on to pursue a Masters degree in 1988 and PhD in ICT in 1996 at University of Sheffield.

He returned to Malaysia and taught architecture at Universiti Teknologi Malaysia for two months before deciding to listen to his inner voice .

His key reason for the big career leap is his belief that “everyone needs to be truthful to themselves”.

“Everyone has something that drives them. There is no point trying to do something you have no passion for because it will be very difficult to succeed,” he says. He sought opportunities in ICT and education and that journey took him to Cyberjaya.

Abu was fortunate to become one of the founding members of the Multimedia University in 1997 and even lectured there under the Faculty of Creative Multimedia for three years until his first batch of students graduated.

He was the first dean at the faculty that year and interestingly, he was the one who changed the name of the faculty.

“I coined the term creative multimedia' to rename the faculty because no one understood what its old name Faculty of Media Arts and Science' meant,” he says, adding that Multimedia Development Corporation (MDeC) has since sought for his permission to use the new term.

He left his lecturing position in 2001, as he wanted to seek bigger fortune and felt being an entrepreneur was the way to go.

“But there was also the issue of being responsible for the students' failure, which I don't agree with. If they fail, they fail. I shouldn't need to explain why they failed because they are responsible for their learning.

“The education system is so prescriptive and there's a culture of spoon feeding the students,” he laments.

Building a business

Prestariang is set up with a unique aim to train individuals to have knowledge, skills and attitude for employment through ICT training and certification as well as software licence distribution and management.

It is a certified partner for various technology and software vendors including Microsoft and IBM. Through these, it runs two core businesses providing ICT training and certification and supplying licences for software used in the training and certification.

Abu aims to continue evolving Prestariang's business model for it to be more self-sustainable as there are expectations to build on its success now.

“The two important things that I have to address now are sustainability and scalability of the company,” he says.

Since becoming a public listed company in July this year, the company has grown its book order from RM145.29mil to RM299mil. Moving forward, he has set a target to double the company's financial growth.

He believes that for the company to be a contributor to technology, it has to be more than a user and that has encouraged Prestariang to actively register its own intellectual properties (IPs).

“But our IPs cannot be just anything new. For us, they must have commercial value. Before we commercialise an idea, we have to know how much revenue we can generate from it.

“Bottom line, I am a businessman and now I have also to look after our shareholders' value,” he says, explaining that the approach to IPs as a businessperson is different from that of an academic.

“Ultimately, we want to be independent. We are partners with Microsoft and IBM but we should not depend on them because with our own IPs, we can market them however we want to,” he says.

At the core of this jovial entrepreneur is a man with a big heart helping others open their minds.

Although he left the secure life of a full-time lecturer for the trials and tribulation of entrepreneurship, he claims he has never expunged teaching from his heart.

Back to his roots

He is now an adjunct professor at University Teknologi Mara and a visiting professor at Universiti Teknologi Malaysia. He is also a board member of Universiti Teknologies Sdn Bhd, an Assessor at the Multimedia Research Grant Scheme under MDeC and sits as a council member at Taylor's University.

“I always knew that I will go back to teaching. I want to contribute through teaching again,” he says.

He now lecturers for free as he does not want to view the classes in monetary terms.

“It is like cooking for me. I enjoy cooking very much but I wouldn't want to open a restaurant because I cook to share, not to earn from others,” says Abu.

He used to lecture on designs based on his architectural knowledge but with his know-how in entrepreneurship, he now teaches on the business of design instead.

Abu says those imparting knowledge need to have some practical experience or know-how of the industry relevant to their course in order to make the learning process more realistic instead of theorectical.

“It is important to know the pulse of the industry the relevance of the course to the actual field and the kind of demands out there otherwise whatever irrelevant things one teaches are multiplied by so many students who will go into the industry,” he says.

Before he left Multimedia University, he spoke to the lecturers there about the need for them to explore the real industry aside from focussing on their classes.

“If anyone should advise them, it should be me because we're on the same side of the classroom and I see what is wrong. But they were not open to the idea,” he recalls.

His goals remain true to the teaching profession as he aspires to help others widen their horizons.

“Not to sound arrogant but I want to produce people like me. I feel there should be more innovative entrepreneurs out there,” he says, adding “I want to encourage more people to be risk-takers.”

He says innovation and risk-taking need to come from both entrepreneurs and institutions that can finance business ideas.

“An innovative society is all about venturing into new areas and setting new benchmarks. People need to understand that not all innovative businesses produce returns quickly,”

Abu says out of an observation that many financial fraternity are short lived because institutions expect immediate returns on the projects they invest in.

Programmed to shut off

One of the most striking habits Abu has is his 6pm cut-off time from work.

“I am very firm with the time I want to spend with my family. I don't mind starting my day early but come 6pm, I leave work,” he says.

He does not believe in business networking dinners and night meetings though he will work from home.

In addition to that, going home early also means he has the time to indulge in his favourite pastime, cooking.

“Every day at 5pm, my wife will text me to see if I will be cooking dinner and most of the days, I cook,” he says.

His family-oriented values also extends to Prestariang where his management style has been more than palatable to the staff there. The company of 50 employees has almost no staff turnover since its inception.

And perhaps that, coupled with his passion to educate, is the reason why Abu has been able to lead Prestariang from being an innovative idea to a sweet success it is beginning to now taste.

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25 Apr 2012, 03:06 PMPost #10
thought might share this news

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25 Apr 2012, 06:19 PMPost #11
Prestariang eyes higher education

KUALA LUMPUR: Prestariang Bhd, a fast-growing information technology service provider, is set to expand into higher education, a move that financial executives said would make it a niche player in the country’s robust private education sector.

The company, which also provides certification programmes from international IT giants such as IBM, Microsoft and Oracle, has secured the rights to establish a private institute which will offer degrees for the ICT industry, financial executives close to Prestariang said.

Prestariang executives declined to comment on speculation that the company had secured approvals to move into higher education, including
the rare licence to establish a university providing courses in ICT. But the financial executives close to the company said the foundation stones
for the new venture are already in place.

Last month, Prestariang announced that it had set up a subsidiary with a paid-up capital of RM20 million. However, not much details were provided except on its rationale: “The acquisition is in line with the expansion strategy of the Prestariang group and represents a good opportunity for the group to leverage its core competencies in the provision of ICT training and certification to become the premier education provider for Malaysia and the global market”.

A financial executive familiar with the group’s plans explained that its higher education venture will be a unique business model with low capital expenditure. “It will be somewhat similar to SEGi’s [SEG International Bhd] simple operating model, where it does not own any physical properties,” he said.

Higher education is attracting powerful investors as the government pushes to consolidate the sector and limit the number of players. Navis Capital Partners Ltd, a regional private equity concern, recently acquired a controlling stake in SEGi, while Ekuiti Nasional Bhd has acquired 90% of Cosmopoint Sdn Bhd, which owns a few colleges. There are also rumours that Masterskill Education Group Bhd and HELP International Corp Bhd could be up for sale next.

With rising interest in education players, Prestariang’s move into the higher education segment is expected to draw attention. Prestariang is currently involved in the provision of ICT services, focusing on professional training and certification, as well as distribution and management of software licences.

Its niche focus is on IT-related certification for final-year students in public universities. It currently provides 40 certification courses from various technology and software vendors and organisations including Microsoft, IBM, Oracle and Adobe.

For its new venture, the source said Prestariang will likely collaborate with companies like Microsoft, which has been its single most important partner for the last eight years. “It will be a vertical integration of what Prestariang is doing now”. He noted that Prestariang’s expansion into the higher education sector will provide it with a steadier recurring income, relative to its current training and certification services.

“Once students are enrolled, there will be a locked income for at least three years. Assuming the facility is of the same size as HELP with a student enrolment of around 10,000, Prestariang could be generating an additional profit of RM10 million a year,” he said.

On this assumption, Prestariang will boost its already commendable growth since being listed in July 2011. In 2011, Prestariang’s net profit grew 123% to RM33.6 million from RM15.1 million in 2010, while its revenue was up 91% to RM111.8 million from RM58.5 million previously.

Its software licence distribution and management division currently contributes about 80% of its net profit, with its ICT training and certification programme making up the balance.

Now seen as a proxy to the education sector, Prestariang is currently undervalued compared with other education stocks. Its profit margin of 30% in 2011 is superior to that of its ICT peers and other education stocks, such as HELP and SEGi, which registered margins of around 11% and 26% respectively, according to an analyst.

Prestariang closed at 93 sen yesterday, with a market capitalisation of about RM205 million. The stock is trading at multiples of about six times its earnings in 2011, compared with HELP and SEGi which are trading at mid-teens earnings multiples.

In 2011, Prestariang paid dividends amounting to eight sen per share which translated into a dividend yield of 8.6% based on yesterday’s close. The company has set a dividend policy to pay out 50% of its earnings every year.

With minimal capital expenditure requirements, Prestariang has a lean balance sheet with net cash of around RM44.7 million as at Dec 31, 2011.
Currently, its order book for IT projects stands close to RM200 million with projects lasting up to 2015. Its anchor projects consist of its industry-based Certification programme and its MUSE programme which provides and maintains software licences to all public higher education institutions in Malaysia.

OSK Investment Bank’s target price for the stock is RM1.48. In the past 52 weeks, the stock has traded between a high of RM1.06 in March and a low of 47.5 sen in September 2011.

This article appeared in The Edge Financial Daily, April 25, 2012.
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26 Apr 2012, 08:58 AMPost #12
The best time to buy when it reach RM1. Good luck.
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09 May 2012, 10:19 AMPost #13

-Articles in The Edge Financial Daily

Announcement Details/Table Section :

The Company wishes to refer to the articles appearing in The Edge Financial Daily dated 25 April 2012 and 26 April 2012 that the Company had “secured the rights to establish a private institute which will offer degrees for the ICT industry”.

The Company wishes to clarify that the Company has not secured any such rights.

This announcement is dated 26 April 2012.
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25 Jun 2012, 02:24 PMPost #14
Prestariang Bhd, which provides training and certification courses in information and communication technology, jumped 26 per cent to RM1.27, poised for a record close.

The company has been invited by the Malaysian government to set up University of Computing, Prestariang said in a statement.- Bloomberg
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28 Nov 2014, 01:02 PMPost #15
O&G down, avoid.
This is good as defend stock.
TP RM3.00
From the record, education is stable.
Good stock.
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02 Feb 2015, 07:38 PMPost #16
This company is given "Master Licensing Agreement 2.0" whereby they are providing Microsoft software for all government department, making sure all of them use authorized version and keep maintainence and services for all their programs. the agreement start 1 Feb 2015 until 30 Jan 2018. This will surely contribute to their income significantly for the years to come. Watch out folks!!!rolleyes

Source: http://sharesinfo4u.com/archives/15545
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28 Jan 2017, 04:54 PMPost #17



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11 Aug 2018, 01:12 AMPost #18

Base on number of shares of 484 million.I think I find a gem in here.First TP Rm1.35-1.45.If the government do Wht it do to other construction companies(Reduces profit margin) to as far as second TP of rm 1.65-1.90. If the government leaves the project alone during budget day.

Member Star
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Male, MYS
20 Aug 2018, 12:46 PMPost #19

yeahyeahI'm right.In such a short period.Enjoy the run.Government do not announce cancelation of the projects.U see if there correction then can buy somemore.

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Male, MYS
24 Oct 2018, 09:33 PMPost #20

I may disagree with CIMB.Too optimistic.TP rm 1.80.Lol.It all depend on the market trend.Please be cautious optimistic with world stock market till at least  till first quarter 2019 or at most first half of 2019.Me may put target price rm0.75-rm0.85( worst case scenario) to rm0.95-rm 1.20( best case scenario).Wht CIMB mistake may be lower profit margin had been ignore or uncertain market condition.Please prepare to cut loss if it fall more than 10 percent(maybe the project got cancel).

yeah doh drool lol mad notworthy question rant rolleyes sad shutup shy smile star sweat thumbup wub cry

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