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Shadow Economy in Malaysia
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Link: https://www.thestar.com.my/business/business-news/2020/02/29/the-rm300bil-shadow-economy

Example:  The MNC has cast blame on illegal cigarette trade that it said currently makes up 63% of the total industry volume, up from 33.5% in 2015.“The legal (cigarette) industry has diminished by almost 40% in the span of four years since 2015 due to the illegal cigarettes trade

Malaysia’s average ratio during the 1991-2015 period was 31.5% – higher than Singapore (11.9%), Australia (12.1%), China (14.7%), Hong Kong (14.7%), Vietnam (18.7%), India (23.9%), Indonesia (24.1%) and South Korea (25.7%). And according to Lim, based on World Bank figures for 2017, although the size of Malaysia’s economy was RM1.4 trillion, the tax-to-GDP ratio was only 13.1%.

This puts Malaysia below countries such as Vietnam, Chile, Poland and South Korea, for which the ratio was 19%, 17.4%, 16.8% and 15.4% respectively



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