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Why Dayang fell from rm 1.70 to rm below rm 1.00?(for the investor who already sell and not yet sell).
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23 May 2019, 12:21 PMPost #1

It the person is tactical and technical,there should know its a breakout at rm 1.30-1.34 Symetrical triangle.Its tell someone the trend have change from bullish to bearish.Will fall below rm 1.00 in advance maybe on that time was 2-3 weeks in advance.I manage to cut loss at rm 1.28 except 10 percent of it.Please never challenge the trend.If the person bought between rm 1.12-rm 1.25 and now 0.90 over cent.Please no need to panic.Its definitely will above rm 1.10-rm 1.20 back maybe 3-6 month time(worst case scenario).Its not like it made few hundred million ringgit losses but reduce in losses in 1 quarter.

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24 May 2019, 04:53 AMPost #2

This forum is so hard to understand sometimes, all I see here is that small stocks values and here and there something green, but most of the time definitely not for newbies, maybe I am missing something, but that's it really. Please fix it a bit if possible.


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