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Posts: 3
Joined: Sep 2013
Male, MYS
09 Mar 2014, 12:25 AMPost #1
The Company website should be http://www.thplantations.my/
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Posts: 1
Joined: Oct 2016
Male, MYS
17 Oct 2016, 08:45 AMPost #2
Recovery mode on?
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Posts: 6
Joined: Oct 2016
Male, MYS
18 Oct 2016, 02:16 PMPost #3
Recover from crashing try to hold the things.
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Posts: 416
Joined: May 2017
Male, MYS
07 Feb 2022, 08:07 PMPost #4

Number of shares 883 million.Possible wykoff trading.Tp 90 cents range.buy on weakness of 60 cents range.

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Posts: 258
Joined: Aug 2020
Male, MYS
16 Sep 2023, 08:40 AMPost #5

Would shareholders be better off if TH Plantations sell its assets like Boustead Plantation?

TH Plantations has about 55,000 of planted land compared to Boustead Plantations which has about 70,000 ha.

The shareholders of Boustead have decided that they can derive better value if it was part of KLK rather than operate it on their own.

If you compare the ROE of KLK (shown in green in the chart) over the past 9 years with those of BPlant (shown in black), you can see the economic rational.

When you look at TH ROE over the same period, it is worse than that of  BPlant.

I know TH has its Transformation plan to turn deliver better returns. But wouldn’t it be easier for TH to take the BPlant route and then put the money into better use?

The plantation sector seems to be dependent on size. Look at Sime Plantations and IOI and you will know what I mean.

For more insights into the Bursa plantation sector, go to “How the Malaysian plantation sector performed over the past 10 years”


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