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Wht is cut loss?
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15 Oct 2018, 08:04 PMPost #1

Sometimes not all I forecast can be right.Cut loss is a way to preserve the money from small losses to huge losses.Some can tolerate 5,10, or 20 percent.Please if u all feel something not right(example breach support level) then this must be use.Usually I use 10 or 20 percent below support to cut loss.Stock is not Wht u like but what the market prefer.

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24 Dec 2018, 02:55 AMPost #2

Cut loss is a way to preserve the money and limit the losses. Big corporations and investors do this in order to preserve their investments. There are a lot of risks involved in any sort of investments. And nobody likes to see losing their money in the market.

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29 Dec 2018, 11:41 PMPost #3

It is very important to determine the stop loss point before we long stock.

For William O'Neil ... Carefully average up, not down, and cut every single loss when it is 7% or 8% below your purchase price with absolutely no exception.

Another quote from Guru

"It's not how right or how wrong you are that matters, but how much money you make when right and how much you do not lose when wrong." -George Soros

Let's keep learning in investing worldyeah



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