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Unable to use preference chart setting for member
Member Star
Posts: 1
Joined: Aug 2018
Male, MYS
07 Sep 2018, 04:56 PMPost #1

Dear Admin,

It happen today the member user are not able to get the preference chart setting for technical analysis under desktop version of

Kindly rectify the probelem asap.




Member Star
Posts: 7
Joined: Feb 2018
Male, MYS
11 Sep 2018, 02:28 PMPost #2

Ya...same goes to me yeah

The MalaysiaStock.Biz Team
Member Star
Posts: 55
Joined: Mar 2015
Male, MYS
12 Sep 2018, 09:35 AMPost #3

Hi valuespec & Mukrim,


We have sent you the troubleshooting steps to your email. Kindly check and revert to us.



The MalaysiaStock.Biz Team

Member Star
Posts: 47
Joined: Mar 2019
Male, MYS
18 Jun 2019, 03:02 AMPost #4

Please let me know if this is fixed already, so many times passed as well as something like that from mobile version of that thing really and done with ease. How many of you really count on that properties ? Something needs to be done there.


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