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03 Jul 2013, 08:45 AMPost #1
Profit soared ! stock to watch..Last done price $2.39.drool
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04 Jul 2013, 11:30 AMPost #2
don't understand why they are not paying any dividend?star
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31 Oct 2013, 06:31 PMPost #3
don't understand why they are not paying any dividend?...rosdi1 @ 04 Jul 2013, 11:30 AM
Hey, the boss heard your cry, cry And he has paid out 9.5 Cents, and another 9.5 cents is coming on its way....congratulation, hold on tight...yeah
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15 Feb 2018, 05:54 PMPost #4

As long as u have the current management in ICAP there will be no dividend and CITY OF LONDON will keep on buying into ICAP and grow in strength. Finally there may be a real situation when COL will take over the Management of ICAP. This is NOT an idle speculation but  real threat which the current managmeent cannot forsee. Just look at the way COL is accumultating  the ICAP shares. Are u blind? My two friends Leyu and QUah are advised to look into their holdings in ICAP and make a decision. Just look at the ROI of ICAP which is less than 5% and its DY of 0%. I appreciate comments from Ley and Quah. A.David


yeah doh drool lol mad notworthy question rant rolleyes sad shutup shy smile star sweat thumbup wub cry