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Cost cutting the only way for major project but government need to increase productivity on people.
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14 Jul 2018, 10:36 PMPost #1

In the previous I'm talking about the lower profit margin like 20 percent to 14 percent in government projects on George Kent forum dated 15 Mei.No point for them to cancel all the project which will not benefit the rakyat.But hopefully the private sector also needs to increase productivity of their people through incentive.Then private sector can increase on certain percentage of profit margin.

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26 Jun 2019, 03:01 AMPost #2

But have you made the profit since the margin have fallen in that particular situation or not anyway ? What will you really say about that matter ? And why do you think that the private sector can catch up with all that matter for example. Please explain.

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28 Jun 2019, 03:32 AMPost #3

I agree that the government needs to invest more in the people in order to achieve more productivity, even as we cut costs on development projects. Maybe the OP can let us into it on whether you received profit or not. I'm interested in getting the answers to the questions asked on this matter


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