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01 Mar 2012, 09:46 AMPost #1
PPB Group pre-tax profit falls to RM1.01b

PPB Group Bhd's pre-tax profit for the financial year ended Dec 31, 2011 fell to RM1.01 billion from RM1.13 billion in the same period of 2010.

Its revenue, however, rose to RM2.71 billion from RM2.27 billion previously, it said in a filing to Bursa Malaysia today.

For the fourth quarter ended Dec 31, 2011, PPB's pre-tax profit rose to RM226.05 million from RM185.91 million in the corresponding quarter in 2010. Revenue increased to RM744.20 million from RM614.78 million.

PPB said the group's management was actively monitoring the global economic challenges in order to implement appropriate measures to facilitate growth and continuation of the company's businesses.

"The group's operations are mainly located in the Asean countries and in China, and it is anticipated that the domestic consumption in these countries would remain robust in 2012.

"The group is optimistic it would be able to generate a satisfactory set of results in 2012," it said. -- Bernama
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04 Mar 2012, 07:07 PMPost #2
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30 Dec 2019, 09:31 PMPost #3

YAPSS Quick Summary and Free 10 Years Financial Data of PPB Group Berhad:

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09 Apr 2020, 08:12 PMPost #4

Can PPB benefic from MCO?

  1. 80.16% of revenue are from Grain & Agribusiness and Consumer Porduct Sector.
  2. Low debt ratio of 0.065.
  3. High interest coverage ratio of 35.45.



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