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28 Nov 201931 Dec 2019330 Sep 2019217,45455,37429,4286.090.002.460 Malaysia Stock - KLSE Quarter Report History
29 Aug 201931 Dec 2019230 Jun 2019568,87257,83330,8616.400.002.460 Malaysia Stock - KLSE Quarter Report History
31 May 201931 Dec 2019131 Mar 2019272,38559,47033,0116.850.002.370 Malaysia Stock - KLSE Quarter Report History
05 Mar 201931 Dec 2018431 Dec 2018451,87170,98537,8827.877.502.330 Malaysia Stock - KLSE Quarter Report History
28 Nov 201831 Dec 2018330 Sep 2018557,32677,64737,7437.840.002.330 Malaysia Stock - KLSE Quarter Report History
30 Aug 201831 Dec 2018230 Jun 2018311,61749,96532,9986.870.002.190 Malaysia Stock - KLSE Quarter Report History
30 May 201831 Dec 2018131 Mar 2018249,08963,48536,1777.530.002.100 Malaysia Stock - KLSE Quarter Report History
28 Feb 201831 Dec 2017431 Dec 2017306,50053,36836,5117.607.002.180 Malaysia Stock - KLSE Quarter Report History
29 Nov 201731 Dec 2017330 Sep 2017372,44650,65227,9525.820.002.120 Malaysia Stock - KLSE Quarter Report History
29 Aug 201731 Dec 2017230 Jun 2017467,84863,56537,8317.880.002.080 Malaysia Stock - KLSE Quarter Report History
31 May 201731 Dec 2017131 Mar 2017241,48748,87329,3146.100.002.080 Malaysia Stock - KLSE Quarter Report History
28 Feb 201731 Dec 2016431 Dec 2016645,74748,72532,3866.745.502.040 Malaysia Stock - KLSE Quarter Report History

Entitlement TypeDividend
29 Apr 201931 Dec 201816 Jul 201917 Jul 201929 Jul 2019First and Final Dividend7.50000.00 Malaysia Stock -  Dividend
27 Apr 201831 Dec 201707 Sep 201813 Sep 201824 Sep 2018First and Final Dividend7.00000.00 Malaysia Stock -  Dividend
27 Apr 201731 Dec 201605 Sep 201707 Sep 201720 Sep 2017First and Final Dividend5.50000.00 Malaysia Stock -  Dividend
28 Apr 201631 Dec 201528 Jul 201601 Aug 201611 Aug 2016First and Final Dividend0.000010.00 Malaysia Stock -  Dividend
28 May 201531 Dec 201401 Sep 201503 Sep 201511 Sep 2015First and Final Dividend0.00008.00 Malaysia Stock -  Dividend
03 Jun 201431 Dec 201313 Aug 201415 Aug 201425 Aug 2014First and Final Dividend0.00009.00 Malaysia Stock -  Dividend
05 Jun 201331 Dec 201216 Aug 201320 Aug 201329 Aug 2013First and Final Dividend0.00005.00 Malaysia Stock -  Dividend
05 Jun 201231 Dec 201113 Jul 201217 Jul 201210 Aug 2012First and Final Dividend0.000010.00 Malaysia Stock -  Dividend
03 Jun 201131 Dec 201013 Jul 201115 Jul 201103 Aug 2011First and Final Dividend0.00007.00 Malaysia Stock -  Dividend

TypeRatioRight Issue
17 Oct 200730 Oct 200701 Nov 200701 Nov 2007Others2 : 10.000 Malaysia Stock -  Bonus/Rights Issue
17 Oct 200730 Oct 200701 Nov 200701 Nov 2007Bonus Issue1 : 40.000 Malaysia Stock -  Bonus/Rights Issue

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07 Nov 2013, 08:55 AMPost #1
Muhibbah wins two airport jobs

PETALING JAYA: Muhibbah Engineering Bhd and its Cambodian airport concession partner have been awarded two contracts worth US$87mil (RM276mil) to construct and expand the terminal building and the refurbishment of the airports in Phnom Penh and Siem Reap.

In a filing with Bursa Malaysia, it said the contracts were awarded by Societe Concessionaire de L’Aeroport (SCA) to a joint venture formed by French partner Vinci Group and Muhibbah, with Muhibbah holding a 30% stake. “In view of the rapid growth of airports’ passengers arrivals over the years and expected increasing trend of airports business, SCA has embarked on this capital expansion programme to further extend and upgrade the international airports of Cambodia,” it said.

It said the works on both airports were expected to be completed by end-2015. SCA is the concessionaire that manages the airports in Phnom Penh and Siem Reap, of which Muhibbah also has a 30% stake. The remaining 70% is held by French Group Vinci. It holds exclusive rights for the privatisation of all international airports in Cambodia.

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31 May 2017, 11:18 PMPost #2

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20 Feb 2019, 02:03 PMPost #3

Muhibbah Engineering: Fast-growing Cambodian airports provide solid recurring income

With a fast-growing airport concession business contributing more than half of its bottom line and 80% of its crane business still coming from overseas markets, Muhibbah is becoming less of a domestic infrastructure company.

9M18 results were in line with expectations. As at 28 November 2018, the total outstanding secured order book for construction and cranes division is RM1.8 billion.

Revenue grew 3.4% yoy, driven by all divisions. 9M18 EBITDA margin stood at 11.7% vs 9M17: 11.5. Overall 9M18 core net profit grew by 12.4%, boosted by the 67% yoy growth mainly from its Cambodian airport concessions.

The concession business continues to anchor Muhibbah’s profits and provide solid recurring income. Its pretax profits contributions rose to 61% from 9M17: 58% as traffic growth remains strong at Phnom Penh (+21.6%) and Sihanoukville (+73%) respectively.

In 3Q18, they handled 2.4 million passengers, +16.4% increase compared with the same period in 2017. The 4Q of the calendar year is typically a strong quarter due to the year-end festivities.

The division also benefitted from the stronger US$ vs. RM in 3Q18, which earns profits in US$. Cambodia Airport, the dedicated airport manager for Phnom Penh, Siem Reap and Sihanoukville airports, has allocated $2 billion to develop the airport network by the end of its concession period in 2040. Part of this investment has been planned to renovate the airport runway to handle more traffic in future.

Thus far, the market has yet to fully appreciate its unique business model with varied construction expertise and strong recurring income. DBS research estimates its 21% stake in the Cambodia airport concession to be worth conservatively RM734m (DCF, WACC 10% and average passenger traffic growth of 5.9% p.a. until 2040), which is already about half of the stock’s market capitalisation.



Read full article: https://theasiancontrarian.com/2018/11/30/muhibbah-engineering-riding-on-cambodias-aviation-sector-growth/

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