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30 May 201931 Dec 2019131 Mar 201942,3626,9025,2991.410.000.984 Malaysia Stock - KLSE Quarter Report History
26 Feb 201931 Dec 2018431 Dec 2018100,9759,3096,4881.730.000.970 Malaysia Stock - KLSE Quarter Report History
29 Nov 201831 Dec 2018330 Sep 201848,8238,3445,4651.460.000.950 Malaysia Stock - KLSE Quarter Report History
29 Aug 201831 Dec 2018230 Jun 201851,6599,0516,7971.810.000.930 Malaysia Stock - KLSE Quarter Report History
18 May 201831 Dec 2018131 Mar 201858,49811,1928,6442.310.000.920 Malaysia Stock - KLSE Quarter Report History
26 Feb 201831 Dec 2017431 Dec 201768,07913,8739,8762.640.000.900 Malaysia Stock - KLSE Quarter Report History
24 Nov 201731 Dec 2017330 Sep 201742,6368,3927,4451.990.000.870 Malaysia Stock - KLSE Quarter Report History
28 Aug 201731 Dec 2017230 Jun 201733,44212,83810,8242.890.000.850 Malaysia Stock - KLSE Quarter Report History
19 May 201731 Dec 2017131 Mar 201735,54714,13412,3993.310.000.820 Malaysia Stock - KLSE Quarter Report History
20 Feb 201731 Dec 2016431 Dec 201644,71215,7709,2032.620.000.800 Malaysia Stock - KLSE Quarter Report History
25 Nov 201631 Dec 2016330 Sep 201670,54018,55817,2124.920.000.820 Malaysia Stock - KLSE Quarter Report History
24 Aug 201631 Dec 2016230 Jun 201647,51923,38420,3475.840.000.770 Malaysia Stock - KLSE Quarter Report History

TypeRatioRight Issue
18 Nov 201328 Nov 201302 Dec 201302 Dec 2013Rights Issue1 : 10.500 Malaysia Stock -  Bonus/Rights Issue

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23 Apr 2014, 08:07 PMPost #1
1)公司经重组后己显示良好的资产表,想信很快可以脱离 pn 17,回到建筑组.
4)取全年(2013年12月)赚2249万,eps=22 sen 算,现Rm 1.68在交易,pe=7.6倍 ,很明显是低估了.个人估计,取pe=10,合理价=rm2.20
6)ho hup的内在价值好,良好的资产表,市场上许多好的股己上升许多,ho hup正在奋力直追,随着更多人发掘ho hup的价值,前景看好,辛福的未来已看到,哈哈.
7)公司为净现金,财务强稳,可安然渡过任何的经济风暴,所以可安心投资在ho hup。
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03 May 2015, 05:21 PMPost #2
Ho Hup's Bukit Jalil Play

Developer to build on mixed development project’s success

PETALING JAYA: Small cap construction and property developer Ho Hup Construction Company Bhd will leverage on its Bukit Jalil mixed integrated development of 7.2 acres where sales so far on its first five acres have been a success.

Known as Aurora Place, the five-acre plot comprises shop offices, retail floors and SoVo (small offices, versatile offices). It will retain its 18-storey office block for recurring income. The project is fully sold.

Chief executive officer Derek Wong Kit-Leong said the company would launch projects on its second parcel next year. Ho Hup has about 10 acres on a gross level and about 7 acres after making adjustments for infrastructure with a combined gross development value (GDV) estimated at more than RM1bil.

Its 10 acres is part of the 60 acres held by its subsidiary Bukit Jalil Development Sdn Bhd (BJD).

The other 50 acres would be developed under a joint development agreement between BJD and Pioneer Haven Sdn Bhd, a subsidiary of Malton Bhd.

Wong said going forward, the success of Aurora Place and its joint development with Malton would help build up its cash position. Ho Hup would be entitled to 18% of the GDV ranging from RM4bil to RM4.5bil for the 50-acre project.

The company has been building up its revenue and profit the last couple of years under Wong’s leadership.

The company officially made an exit from its PN17 status - which denotes distressed companies - last year. It was under PN17 status since 2008.

Moving forward, Wong describes the company as being in a fairly comfortable position and was voted as the top five among 30 small cap jewels in 2015 by RHB Investment Bank.

“We are basically leveraging from the money which is going to come in from the 50 plus 10 acres, which is between RM90mil and RM100mil annually for the next seven to eight years,” said Wong.

He said the company plans to put aside between RM300mil and RM400mil for the next two years to increase its land bank in the Klang Valley, Penang and Kota Kinabalu in Sabah. It is interested to build more hybrid development the likes of Aurora Place.

Wong said the company would like to increase its after tax profit of about RM65mil last year by between 20% and 25% a year.

Ho Hup has two core businesses, property development and construction with property development contributing 80% to profit and the remaining 20% from construction although on a revenue level, contribution from both are about equal.

The company has unbilled sales of about RM576.9mil, of which RM275.4mil are from its Bukit Jalil development and the remaining RM301.5mil from its construction projects.

Aurora Place has been fully taken up with unbilled sales of RM275.4mil as at the end of Febuary 2015.

It would retain an 18-storey office block for recurring income.
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16 Jun 2017, 02:55 PMPost #3

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