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Market Date: 29 May 2020

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No. Financial
PBT (RM,000)Net Profit
EPS (Cent)Dividend
28 Feb 202031 Dec 2019431 Dec 2019255,63827,70916,8530.980.011.480 Malaysia Stock - KLSE Quarter Report History
20 Nov 201931 Dec 2019330 Sep 2019239,629-4,465-14,941-0.870.001.470 Malaysia Stock - KLSE Quarter Report History
28 Aug 201931 Dec 2019230 Jun 2019222,599-1,503-18,534- Malaysia Stock - KLSE Quarter Report History
29 May 201931 Dec 2019131 Mar 2019229,133217,280163,1049.530.001.520 Malaysia Stock - KLSE Quarter Report History
27 Feb 201931 Dec 2018431 Dec 2018236,403-197,814-166,196-9.710.001.430 Malaysia Stock - KLSE Quarter Report History
28 Nov 201831 Dec 2018330 Sep 2018681,34881,81214,3390.840.001.540 Malaysia Stock - KLSE Quarter Report History
30 Aug 201831 Dec 2018230 Jun 2018232,282103,43097,9475.720.001.550 Malaysia Stock - KLSE Quarter Report History
30 May 201831 Dec 2018131 Mar 20181,050,358320,916128,6087.510.001.480 Malaysia Stock - KLSE Quarter Report History
28 Feb 201831 Dec 2017431 Dec 2017272,81618,4589,2880.540.001.450 Malaysia Stock - KLSE Quarter Report History
29 Nov 201731 Dec 2017330 Sep 2017346,136111,15878,8504.610.001.500 Malaysia Stock - KLSE Quarter Report History
25 Aug 201731 Dec 2017230 Jun 2017312,69287,57970,8944.140.001.470 Malaysia Stock - KLSE Quarter Report History
29 May 201731 Dec 2017131 Mar 2017307,355114,27283,2174.860.001.450 Malaysia Stock - KLSE Quarter Report History

Entitlement TypeDividend
28 Feb 202031 Dec 201909 Apr 202010 Apr 202008 May 2020Interim Dividend1.00000.00 Malaysia Stock -  Dividend
29 Apr 201931 Dec 201827 Jun 201928 Jun 201912 Jul 2019Final Dividend4.10000.00 Malaysia Stock -  Dividend
27 Apr 201831 Dec 201727 Jun 201829 Jun 201820 Jul 2018Final Dividend4.10000.00 Malaysia Stock -  Dividend
19 Apr 201731 Dec 201628 Jun 201730 Jun 201717 Jul 2017Final Dividend1.70000.00 Malaysia Stock -  Dividend
25 Apr 201631 Dec 201528 Jun 201630 Jun 201615 Jul 2016Final Dividend0.00000.40 Malaysia Stock -  Dividend
29 May 201531 Jan 201531 Jul 201504 Aug 201519 Aug 2015Final Dividend0.00001.80 Malaysia Stock -  Dividend
16 May 201431 Jan 201401 Jul 201403 Jul 201425 Jul 2014Final Dividend0.00002.80 Malaysia Stock -  Dividend
28 May 201331 Jan 201316 Jul 201318 Jul 201314 Aug 2013Final Dividend0.00001.80 Malaysia Stock -  Dividend
31 May 201231 Jan 201211 Jul 201213 Jul 201209 Aug 2012First and Final Dividend0.00002.00 Malaysia Stock -  Dividend
20 May 201131 Jan 201105 Jul 201107 Jul 201129 Jul 2011First and Final Dividend0.00002.00 Malaysia Stock -  Dividend
14 May 201031 Jan 201028 Jun 201030 Jun 201029 Jul 2010First and Final Dividend0.00002.50 Malaysia Stock -  Dividend

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20 May 2013, 09:32 PMPost #1
Anybody can give comments on TA ?
Price have move up with reasonable high volume.rolleyes
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04 Jul 2013, 04:10 PMPost #2
Anybody can give comments on TA ?
Price have move up with reasonable high volume....ocptyposkokyosy @ 20 May 2013, 09:32 PM

Today July 04 2013 the share move up to 70 sen by end of today after the price the last four days before news about 40 sen to shareholder after sell ta stockbroker firm.... Hope for the true...
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06 Nov 2013, 10:23 AMPost #3
TA Enterprise heading for MGO?

PETALING JAYA: Datuk Tony Tiah, head honcho of the TA Group, has upped his stake in TA Enterprise Bhd, bringing him closer to the threshold that would trigger a mandatory takeover of his listed flagship.

His latest round of buying sparks anew talk that a corporate exercise is on the cards for TA Enterprise, whose unlisted stockbroking unit is often cited as a target of the big investment banks in town.

Stock exchange filings on Monday showed that Tiah, a high-flying stockbroker in the 1990s, acquired three million shares in TA Enterprise over three days at 73 sen and 76 sen via the open market, boosting his holdings to 29.73% from 28.46% on Jan 7.

Under Securities Commission regulations, any party whose interest pushes past 33% of a listed firm’s total share base must make a mandatory general offer for the rest of the shares it does not own.

The 66-year-old Tiah has been steadily increasing his stake since the start of the year, when TA Enterprise was trading at 50 sen.

Tiah’s insider buying hasn’t gone unnoticed. TA Enterprise climbed three sen to 77 sen on Monday on unusually heavy trade of 23.05 million shares.

And TA Enterprise wasn’t the only one to stir. Shares of Insas Bhd, which owns independent brokerage M&A Securities, jumped 18%, or 14 sen, to 78.5 sen the same day.

With a hefty 73.04 million shares done, it was Bursa Malaysia’s second most active counter on Monday.

TA Enterprise and Insas were seen as plays on the theme of consolidating brokerages, which might explain the sudden excitement in both stocks, dealers said.

TA Enterprise had earlier this year fended off speculation of merger talks involving TA Securities after an online report linked it to K&N Kenanga Holdings Bhd.

The company refuted this in a June 11 announcement to Bursa Malaysia, saying there was “no truth” in the article, and that it was “not in discussion with Kenanga for the disposal of its stockbroking arm”.

In the year-to-date, it was ranked No. 8 by trading value, with a market share of 6% and 4% in trading volume and value, respectively, ahead of several bank-backed brokerages.

Equity analysts from HwangDBS Vickers Research had speculated that TA Enterprise’s major shareholders could warm up to a cash offer of at least one times price-to-book or RM687mil for its broking and credit and lending business.

Based on calculations by StarBiz, the market value of its broking operations has appreciated markedly to RM343.26mil – which is the difference between TA Enterprise’s market capitalisation of RM1.32bil and its 63.4% interest in TA Global Bhd worth RM976.74mil – from only RM12mil as at end-June.

In the year to Jan 31, TA Enterprise’s broking, investment holding, and credit and lending segments made up 40% of group revenue and 28% of net profit.

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