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Publish DateTitle
06 Apr 2024Avery Dennison – a sound company does not mean a good investment
25 Jan 2024Silgan – not an investment opportunity
17 Jan 2024Boise Cascade – no margin of safety
28 Dec 2023Investing luck – be the casino house and not the guest
22 Dec 2023Advance Drainage – no margin of safety
21 Dec 2023Bursa property companies – are we at the end of the tunnel?
19 Dec 2023Do you have an investing edge?
18 Dec 2023Can you make money trading with fundamental?
16 Dec 2023Beating the crowd through investment case studies
15 Dec 2023Building a comprehensive picture with investment case studies
14 Dec 2023Why I read other people’s analysis
13 Dec 2023How I triangulate my margin of safety
12 Dec 2023Why I don’t use relative valuation
11 Dec 2023Retail investors need a different perspective when analysing companies
05 Dec 2023Dayang – got into trouble because of marine charter
04 Dec 2023Why AI will not see the end of the traders
03 Dec 2023Better plantation companies are getting better
01 Dec 2023Thinking about prices
30 Nov 2023SKG takeover of WRK - What is the value of synergy?
27 Nov 2023Plantation companies – you need more than an idiot to run it

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