Upcoming IPO
  • SYNERGY (RM0.43), listing on 01 Jun 2023, closing on 18 May 2023, subscription rate 1,402%.
  • EDELTEQ (RM0.24), listing on 07 Jun 2023, closing on 17 May 2023, subscription rate 15,203%.
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31 May Farm Fresh | Q4 业绩开箱  
27 May Kerjaya Prospek Property | Q4 业绩开箱  
25 May Agmo Holdings | Q4 业绩开箱  
25 May Spring Art Holdings | Q1 业绩开箱  
21 May Sern Kou Resources | Q3 业绩开箱  
26 Apr Ecomate Holdings | Q4 业绩开箱  

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