Upcoming IPO
  • RADIUM (RM0.50), listing on 31 May 2023, closing on 16 May 2023, subscription rate 102%.
  • SYNERGY (RM0.43), listing on 01 Jun 2023, closing on 18 May 2023, subscription rate 1,402%.
  • EDELTEQ (RM0.24), listing on 07 Jun 2023, closing on 17 May 2023.
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KLSE Market Watch
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29 May 业绩速览|BAHVEST 末季营收暴增48%,净亏1124万  
27 May 业绩速览|PWROOT 末季净利涨52%,派息每股3.5仙  
27 May 业绩速览|CORAZA 末季营收跌21%,净利挫60%  
27 May SAPNRG 聘请 MHB 及 PETRONAS 前高管担任董事  
27 May 业绩速览|KAREX第3季营收跌4%,净利增10%  
27 May ATAIMS 另一家子公司遭供应商起诉,索赔2760万令吉  

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