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15 Jul CONSTRUCTION - Plenty of macro and operational challenges  
15 Jul 这家前景良好与被低估的公司, 股价为何还没上涨呢?!  Number of Comments2 comments
15 Jul Booming Prospects For This Undervalued Gem, Why Has the Share Price Not Gone Up Yet?  
30 Jun A Thematic Hidden Champion You That Has Enormous Upside!!  Number of Comments1 comment
14 Jun Value Investing: An Uprising Theme That You Do Not Want To Miss  
27 May 这家公司股价永远跌不下!是否要准备暴涨了呢?  Number of Likes1 like

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Joined: Jan 2021
Male, MYS
15 Jun 2021, 07:26 PMPost #1

think company abit same like serbadk 

Member Star
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Joined: Nov 2016
Male, MYS
16 Jun 2021, 10:11 AMPost #2

用一家可能做假账的公司做开头,跳到另外一家做假账的公司做结尾 yeah

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18 Jun 2021, 06:50 PMPost #3


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Male, MYS
24 Jun 2021, 05:31 PMPost #4

STOP your sharing about this company, we all know that you bought a lot of share for this company, and we wish you good luck! yeahPlease don't keep promoting this company and we all know what is happening.... Don't act foolishyeahyeahyeah

yeah doh drool lol mad notworthy question rant rolleyes sad shutup shy smile star sweat thumbup wub cry