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19 Jul [Alex Lu] Scomi: The White Knights Are Having Second Thought!  
19 Jul [水星] Discounting  
19 Jul [第一天 ] 第一天买房回忆录~上  
18 Jul [Alex Lu] Zhulian: Earnings Soared  
17 Jul [夜月空间] 斤经济较:YOUTUBE是教育的趋势  
17 Jul [水星] 卖火柴的小男孩  

[第一天] 《退休真的需要数千万?》第二集~巡视GENM业务之云顶游
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Hello, I am targeting RM500k to RM1m in order to be a full time trader. Is it possible for me to attend your talk at Penang as I am staying here? I am interested to have more chit chat with you. Thank you.

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