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BLOG: [felicity] Why I bought Kossan

Blog 06 May 2021, 8:21:05 AM

I believe in your choice. I did that with carepls and comfort when corvid srart in early 2020 but sold too early halfway and they still go up to peak. I hold my breath.


BLOG: [Alex Lu] My Selection of Stocks for Medium to Long-term Investment

Blog 13 Apr 2020, 9:19:12 AM

Honestly, i used to follow blog by stock market gurus and only make money 1/10 meaning to say  its losing to follow these gurus. They recommend to sell when they ready to buy especially good stock. They recommend to buy when they ready to offload their collection. Skinning buyers alive an act of indirect suicide.

Now i am watching them and following them . When they say buy, i dont buy. I buy when they buy.



Blog 29 May 2017, 11:19:46 AM

Dead counter!. for the moment. Fish it when it drop to 0.08!....Oversold and drifting there. Fish it, the fish may drag you to the pit or yr fishing line got lucky and get a really big fish.


BLOG: MYEG: Earnings Continues To Rise [Alex Lu]

Blog 08 Mar 2017, 11:14:01 AM

This have given me good return for the last 2 years.


FORUM: 60 indicators

Blog 21 Feb 2017, 8:44:38 PM

wow, appreciate very much for these indicators. Further more EOD cover 10 years. Keep it up...