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Vudokazahn Member Star
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Joined Mar 2019
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FORUM: I'm going to talk about oil.Resistance 60;78;98;120 (in USD)

Blog 17 Oct 2019, 1:06:22 AM

I am all for that oil to be 100 cause I plan to do a lot of business with Russian in near time and that will really help in that cause I could buy a lot more money in that way if you take a look in that matter anyway. See my point ? I hope so.


FORUM: The market seem will drop further for few weeks(best case) to few month(worst case scenario)

Blog 19 Sep 2019, 3:26:31 AM

I also want to ask basically the same question, what is really going on there ? About which stock do you really talking about ? I want that such topics really should dissapear from that website cause it's really no appropiate to have them there anyway.


FORUM: How To Improve Trading Strategy?

Blog 06 Sep 2019, 1:43:00 AM

[QUOTE=Conjufyn @ 02 Jul 2019, 09:59 PM]29261[/QUOTE]
I read this book and I did not like it much.
I believe that it is more important to learn how to trade and analyze the market yourself. And when the basic concepts appear, then you can already read books.
If you read books at the beginning, there will be no understanding of the market. You need to immediately immerse yourself in the atmosphere of trade.



Blog 01 Aug 2019, 2:55:17 AM

Why posting here some non relevant things. You want to say that it's time to buy now or what ? I do not get you at all. Let's better be good here really for example here - https://klse.i3investor.com/servlets/stk/annrep/2186.jsp it's already 1.88



Blog 27 Jul 2019, 4:23:04 AM

What does your lauughing means here ? As for me this company is very very good no matter what. Why do you behave yourself like that ? I am posting some valuable report on this site.



Blog 21 Jul 2019, 1:17:01 AM

Are there some things going on which we don't know about really ? Can you please let me know what does this all have to do with company secretary, do you know something we do not know yet or what for example ? Some inner stuff going on out there or what ? Please tell.


STOCK: MPAY (0156)

Blog 29 Jun 2019, 7:10:50 PM

Owner of the forums should really do something with repeating spam lately over this forum where persons with few month registration already have like 130 posts while persons with like few posts have date of reg like 5 years ago or more. Help;)


FORUM: 2018 Holding

Blog 25 Jun 2019, 3:24:31 AM

People usually do not share such information, why do you expect something like that in return ? I am trying to invest more in tech stocks now not goods and commodities as well as some foreign markets anyway. So please keep that in mind;)


FORUM: Market Participatant Records

Blog 12 Jun 2019, 3:51:20 AM

You mean that numbers which consists of the number and data of persons who do the trading on all that tables we already seeing at the forums amongst the posts including yours ? Something like that does you mean ? Okay, but it's for sure disclosed.


FORUM: Learn from the people in here the trainer,the person who put out the stocks and other.

Blog 31 May 2019, 1:18:53 AM

This forum anyway is not newbie friendly at all and that is all that matters really for anything. Just hold your feelings to be critical but I do not see anything else except some stocks and shares so it's really for intermideate people at lest, be aware.

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