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Grokinos Member Star
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FORUM: How To Improve Trading Strategy?

Blog 20 Sep 2019, 2:04:06 AM

You mean in forex trading or in stocks ? I assume you need very high leverage and that's really it. But honestly it should really be done in some other places than current ones. See my point ? I do not really get this much. Trading comes with a practice.


FORUM: The market seem will drop further for few weeks(best case) to few month(worst case scenario)

Blog 13 Sep 2019, 12:54:30 AM

Okay, so what to do now ? What do you really propose with that stuff to do ? I do not seriously think it's really something better than this or how ? I do see a lof of your posts on forum or something like that, please make it possible for me to have it.


STOCK: SHL (6017)

Blog 04 Aug 2019, 12:00:26 AM

How about file with all last year full report about this ? Are you hearing me now ? https://www.malaysiastock.biz/GetReport.aspx?file=AR/2018/7/30/6017%20-%201715471697695.pdf&name=SHL%20Consolidated%20Bhd%20-%20Annual%20Report%202018.pdf



Blog 24 Jul 2019, 2:21:02 AM

Well I have read only the first post here and decided not to deal with them if all of this is true really. But how true is all that ? Somebody even knows or something like that from the start ? I do not see how it really matters for many many things.



Blog 21 Jul 2019, 11:27:01 PM

So you do recommend to buy now or what ? I am reading some people links which were posted there anyway and do notice that - HEXZA had average dividend yield of 4.81 % over the 5 year period which is higher than fix deposit and overall much more pros than cons



Blog 01 Jul 2019, 1:28:57 AM

I wouldn't go for it this time cause as you may see they do not show any real profit lately. I am basing my opinion on something like this link https://markets.ft.com/data/equities/tearsheet/profile?s=VSOLAR:KLS are you agree with me or not here ?


STOCK: PCCS (6068)

Blog 29 Jun 2019, 6:06:25 PM

Looks like very promosing company to invest some funds into it anyway, what do you plan to say about that ? I do not get anything like that really ? How much people are making with it lately ? I see only good things here, what are bad ? Anybody ?



Blog 20 Jun 2019, 4:05:43 AM

I haven't invested here, but in 2012 were already 4G all over the place ? Am I missing something or it's really a true thing ? "To recap, all four 3G spectrum assignment holders — Maxis Bhd, Celcom Axiata Bhd, DiGi.Com Bhd and U Mobile Sdn Bhd — stand to receive 20Mhz of 4G spectrum. Like REDtone, two other WiMAX spectrum holders — Green Packet Bhd’s Packet One (Networks) Sdn Bhd and YTL Communications Sdn Bhd — will also receive 20Mhz of 4G spectrum in January 2013, if their business plans are accepted by the MCMC. "


FORUM: Market Participatant Records

Blog 09 Jun 2019, 2:25:02 AM

Why do you need that information anyway ? I know some people even try to request something like historical data of trading for many many years there. What do they get from that I couldn't understand at all. Please do install some understanding in me;)


FORUM: Why Dayang fell from rm 1.70 to rm below rm 1.00?(for the investor who already sell and not yet sell).

Blog 24 May 2019, 4:53:48 AM

This forum is so hard to understand sometimes, all I see here is that small stocks values and here and there something green, but most of the time definitely not for newbies, maybe I am missing something, but that's it really. Please fix it a bit if possible.

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