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FORUM: Can the market sustained its recovery?

Blog 25 May 2019, 8:59:15 PM

So you are posting here some bad advices and then just go for something like that low when they actually started to follow your advices after market just fluctuated a bit for like a week or so ? This forum should have section for newbies, not only stock lists.


FORUM: Investment opportunities of Islamic banking

Blog 25 May 2019, 4:49:11 PM

I know the following thing for certain. Some certain groups really want to make you anything that you'll open your accounts in their countries and in their markets and currencies, but to be safe from them better deal with Malay banking groups for sure.


FORUM: For the beginner and intermediate(Words of advice)

Blog 23 May 2019, 1:10:40 AM

Wow, I would say wow once again, all this is so common things but I do agree with Mr. Buffet here for sure, who I am to make some other points than him. However it's simply advices about how to save money and safely move on further with those later.


FORUM: Olymp Trade Review

Blog 18 May 2019, 4:47:57 PM

I have also heard only good things about this platform, but here lies the problem - only GOOD things and nothing else. What else do you really need here to be done ? What is the minimum deposit and how people withdraw money from here ? Come people post here;)


FORUM: 马来西亚大萧条?

Blog 15 May 2019, 6:17:23 PM

There are good times and there are bad times, total situation in the world are not ideal today basically everywhere except maybe African countries and some other Asian parts of the world, but you need to be prepared, it's survival of the fittest really. 


FORUM: How bad the investment banker in Malaysia.

Blog 15 May 2019, 4:41:35 PM

You know we are all people and can only use our experience and suggestions in all that terms really, so I do not get your hate position at all. Why it costs so low here ? I do not get it. Why you lost your money - me neither. Be more cautious next time please. 


FORUM: Been wondering US market retrace over 80 percent of the downward????

Blog 19 Apr 2019, 5:05:24 PM

It maybe totally doable if Trump for example will not make another trade war with some Asian country, this time for example with Malaysia or something like that. Or you want to say there is some other link between those 2 markets ? Share please then


FORUM: Wht is cut loss?

Blog 08 Apr 2019, 7:06:11 PM

Cut loss is a way of reducing your losses in trading, so that you are able to reduce your losses, while retaining the profits you've already made so far.. Its a risk management strategy that is very essential for both new and experienced traders. Since trading is very risky, cut loss helps individual traders and big corporations alike