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Blog 18 Sep 2019, 12:53:32 AM

They seems to be on lowered trend and now just in something like that for example. For how long it will really be there. I do recommend to buy soon if you have at least some of this ability there. It could really be much better then. Be prepared.



Blog 28 Jul 2019, 7:08:57 PM

Why people do not post some solid information about companies so other can make their decisions for example like this one - https://www.malaysiastock.biz/GetReport.aspx?file=AR/2017/7/28/8648%20-%201554543785977.pdf&name=Jasa%20Kita%20Berhad%20AR2017%20(Bursa).pdf



Blog 27 Jul 2019, 1:59:38 AM

I've got some information from some other website for that matter, do you see it's being done there ? https://klse.i3investor.com/servlets/stk/annrep/2577.jsp I see it's growing when needed and everything are like that anyway. And a lot of trading volume.


FORUM: Please people wanted to know the stock will be up or down?

Blog 12 Jul 2019, 1:47:23 AM

I have seen mate that you like to leave nonsense post here for any of your doings anyway, but how does it correlate with your asking, it doesn't work that way already totally and completely, but maybe somebody will reply at last after my refresh here.


STOCK: AT (0072)

Blog 06 Jul 2019, 7:46:56 PM

Very true. Now with new order coming in, more new factories of production should be at a higher upturn. The waiting period is better for six months, with the same target price. Thanks for clarifying the matter that deeply, I believe others have followed too


FORUM: How To Improve Trading Strategy?

Blog 02 Jul 2019, 9:59:50 PM

I also can recommend to read Bill williams trading chaos book.


STOCK: TDEX (0132)

Blog 01 Jul 2019, 2:03:26 AM

Looks like they are rising a bit looking from that information correct ? https://www.bloomberg.com/quote/TDEX:MK only take a look what is going on here. Linked in also full of relevant info https://www.linkedin.com/company/technodex



Blog 01 Jul 2019, 1:23:24 AM

This is like six years old information , how do they doing today ? I do see something like that for example now - Stock price: SERSOL (KLSE) MYR 0.10 0.00 (0.00%) But I do not see any trading volume here https://klse.i3investor.com/servlets/stk/0055.jsp



Blog 30 Jun 2019, 2:48:29 AM

Why people do not post any stock chart out there really like in other stock threads, any real problems with that ? This looks like very cool company at the first place and I would really love to do something like that for example in future;) Do help.


STOCK: MPAY (0156)

Blog 30 Jun 2019, 2:24:24 AM

I am not sure but can you make some clear picture of that if you only have something like for example https://www.jobstreet.com.my/en/companies/443535-managepay-systems-berhad but it only says something about the employes here and not much further.


STOCK: EAH (0154)

Blog 30 Jun 2019, 12:19:48 AM

How it's doing lately, I may buy it now cause I haven't really bought them in past anyway for all my doings. Thanks for that matter really. And for sure do work with them totally and completely;) If it was on 4c and could potentially go for 30c - buy.


STOCK: AIM (0122)

Blog 29 Jun 2019, 5:33:26 PM

Are they really earns profits later so much so many many years ? Is it really a true ? I simply do not get that shit for example. How it could be even possible anyway. They should sell some if they want some money for investment of that thing.


FORUM: Cost cutting the only way for major project but government need to increase productivity on people.

Blog 28 Jun 2019, 3:32:10 AM

I agree that the government needs to invest more in the people in order to achieve more productivity, even as we cut costs on development projects. Maybe the OP can let us into it on whether you received profit or not. I'm interested in getting the answers to the questions asked on this matter



Blog 28 Jun 2019, 3:30:15 AM

How it performs lately, I see it as a very stable company and want to buy a bit of their stock anyway, what do you say about that ? Sounds good or not ? Please do let me know I have aside some cash for that matter and will invest slowly and carefully.



Blog 27 Jun 2019, 2:04:46 AM

From what I have read there it's really time to invest something in that company anyway. How do you think all ? Somebody already got some profitable dividents ? I would love to buy a lot, all looks very very promising anyway. I really want to make it;)


FORUM: Short selling should be stop for 1 weeks after the shares drop till certain level.

Blog 26 Jun 2019, 3:44:50 AM

Good advice. I also agree that short selling should be postponed after the shares drop, to ensure you are certain of what you are doing. It also reduces the bank's risk on stock, since the company can go broke. In fact, I can advise those who engage in stock exchange to take a trading break during such times


FORUM: How To Improve Trading Strategy?

Blog 26 Jun 2019, 2:47:06 AM

Most important is to test broker you started work with anyway for something like for example quick withdraw and so on. Just make some small deposit, play with and try to withdraw money asap and you will see the results anyway, see my point here ?



Blog 25 Jun 2019, 1:57:31 AM

I see that graphics is totally fine so is it good or bad software anyway ? Can somebody please spread some light ? What does that all mean if I will judge only by the latest posts here. Please keep me posted, I have some money to invest there.


FORUM: It will be a volatile recovery but need to maintain 1700 by this month at least.

Blog 25 Jun 2019, 1:45:27 AM

Okay, one year have passed and what really happened later with that matter ? What do you really think it's done for ? Please do explain, as for me I see that all you are talking about have returned to their positions anyway. Correct ? If not make me wonder;)



Blog 21 Jun 2019, 3:28:19 AM

So what we may say here ? That we already sorry for the people who bought a lof that stuff lately basically for everything being done here ? Is that what you say ? I see that words on the graphic charts you are posting here with fast speeds.


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