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Blog 27 Jun 2013, 12:21:56 PM
[QUOTE=devan @ 26 Jun 2013, 09:58 PM]2700[/QUOTE]

The important date is the ex-date - On or after this date the security trades without its dividend. If you buy before the exdate you will get the dividend. Entitlement date is also called the 'Date of Record' in which the company looks at who are the shareholders of the company entitled to the dividend. In today's market, settlement is T+3 which means that if you buy a stock it takes 3 days for the transaction to be entered into the company's record books. Hence, in AEONCR case, ex date is 28/06/13 and entitlement data is 02/07/13 ; including the exdate 28th ( excluding holidays ) plus another 2 trading days equal to July 2.

Trust this clears your confusion between exdate and entitlement date. Cheers.