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Blog 06 Aug 2019, 1:31:05 AM

There are way too little information about everything going on there. What do you say ? I mean I have something like at least their annual reports for everything done there - http://www.klsescreener.com/v2/announcements/view/28905044 let me know.


FORUM: Should you buy Eco World?

Blog 25 Jul 2019, 1:25:58 AM

Let's assume we want to buy it, let's assume this. are this company located somewhere near or where exactly ? Please do let me know all this. I do not see how does it matter really. I do not see it listed on Malaysian stock exchange anyway, are we ?


FORUM: Why Invest?

Blog 20 Jul 2019, 7:50:40 PM

Also one more reason cause it give you income much more than fixed deposit, if you really do know how to operate on that market you can really create ton of wealth here for your younger relatives from your life savings.



Blog 01 Jul 2019, 1:32:54 AM

Please always include some info along with your posts so people have and idea what to expect here really. As for me I have found good solution here - https://www.reuters.com/finance/stocks/companyProfile/WATA.KL Let me know your thoughts.



Blog 30 Jun 2019, 12:49:48 AM

From what last and first persons have posted there this company stocks can and should be bought for diversified profit anyway and something really can be done cause they have like 24500 shares to buy anyway. So please try to help me further with that.


STOCK: MLAB (0085)

Blog 29 Jun 2019, 6:27:38 PM

What this company doing for their business is anything really fine with it and for how much it's possible to buy that things ? Does it really matters for anybody else ? Please make some more opinions for this. I want to buy something in nearest time.


FORUM: How To Improve Trading Strategy?

Blog 28 Jun 2019, 2:00:29 AM

To be a successful trader, you have to make some thoughtful decisions that greatly impact your performance. For instance go for a good broker with reliable customer support and easy withdrawals. You also need to build your winning strategy and practise proper risk management


FORUM: let shares something here to some new investor.

Blog 26 Jun 2019, 3:03:34 AM

Are you doing all this shares stack for everything else for example ? How do you know it will behave such way you describe here really ? I am looking to invest in a few stocks anyway no matter what you guys will post here;) Just so you know.


FORUM: Cost cutting the only way for major project but government need to increase productivity on people.

Blog 26 Jun 2019, 3:01:09 AM

But have you made the profit since the margin have fallen in that particular situation or not anyway ? What will you really say about that matter ? And why do you think that the private sector can catch up with all that matter for example. Please explain.


FORUM: Is the stock market going to drop more than 10 percent min or even as much as dramatic drop?

Blog 25 Jun 2019, 3:03:30 AM

What do you think about current Trump war with all the companies he now made up really ? I think it's totally unrelated by any means. I am wondering how much Chinese companies will loose cause of Trump sanctions and probably some Malaysia ones could get hit as well.


FORUM: Orion IXL vs Revenue Group

Blog 25 Jun 2019, 2:56:01 AM

What do you mean here by recovery mode in the business ? Does it mean something like that for example ? What does it mean that it taken by Orion moreover Orion XL seems somewhat bigger than Orion if we took only names here for example;)



Blog 20 Jun 2019, 4:10:24 AM

I think it will really go down very very soon cause of that trade wars with Trump and all other people all over the world out there, I am not sure how it can really happening ? Do you have any plans for that matter ? Commodities are very volatile thing.


FORUM: Cannot Load Saved Chart Layout

Blog 18 Jun 2019, 3:14:02 AM

Never use Internet Explorer or Edge anyway for basically anything you do or plan to do, it's very very bad browser and do not work like it should in 99% of cases, except maybe checking hotmail and going to the bing for some sort of relevant info.



Blog 17 Jun 2019, 4:25:36 AM

Same again, do you really knows what KGB even means ? It's like commitie of goverenment safeguard or so, but I do hope you mention some broker here - https://mystockp1.blogspot.com/2018/09/kgb.html and it do not work at all out there.


FORUM: Wht a week;can the market recover back?

Blog 12 Jun 2019, 3:01:15 AM

Are they coming back already ? Simply something like more than a year already passed here so please do let me know what to do with all that stuff. Please do explain which particular stocks have you mentioned there for example to be sure.


FORUM: Hello All

Blog 02 Jun 2019, 9:08:05 PM

I think it's already the time for you to post something about your knowledge regarding stocks and shares, please feel free to post something here for doing so. I do understand that it maybe not that easy for example to start doing so, thanks for that.


FORUM: Loan stock interest effect on traders?

Blog 26 May 2019, 8:42:47 PM

Okay, so you encounter that case for example and you tried to do what basically ? How it was to you ? Have you got paid in the date when needed ? Or just worry ? If you are simply curious I think all will be fine here anyway for real. Thanks in advance.


FORUM: The sea of red will come

Blog 17 May 2019, 4:48:50 PM

A lot of time have passed since that moment, like half of the year almost, so was it red ocean or not ? I have not followed trough so much trends in it so please do let me know all of this;) But for sure next wave of global fin crisis is already at our door so be prepared.


FORUM: Wht is cut loss?

Blog 10 Apr 2019, 3:30:08 AM

When you'll start to trade very actively and not with some play account you will see that you are loosing money. It's a part of the process of tradin on Forex. With experience you will ... cut your losses cause you will see some trends which will allow you to do that on your test trades.

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