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Blog 08 Mar 2017, 10:10:58 PM





Blog 07 Nov 2013, 9:45:40 PM
Latest corporate presentation, refer link below:



Blog 10 Oct 2013, 2:00:04 PM
[QUOTE=ongsoonguan @ 09 Oct 2013, 09:16 PM]2873[/QUOTE]
Hi soon guan, u know any other counters with similar or better potential ?


Blog 10 Oct 2013, 1:39:12 PM
Fully agree with you, unfortunately only started buying at current levels. Next 1 to 2 years should be even more exciting, with another new US F&B MNC client just started commercial production in Q3. This new MNC as big or even bigger than Nestle, which is also their existing client. So if you can't afford Nestle, this is the company to hold for long term growth. Just refer to their quarterly annoucement & corporate presentations for more info.


Blog 12 Aug 2012, 9:01:45 PM
[QUOTE=Jimstock @ 11 Aug 2012, 10:02 PM]1539[/QUOTE]
Based on the large volume transacted, I believe the new buyers are most likely institutional funds, coming in now due to the excellent results & future growth. Can also consider buying the loan stocks at 10.5 cents, annual interest at 0.7 cents, paid twice a year until 2017. Limited downside risk due to net yield of 6.67% regardless of market conditions & unlimited upside capital gains when Pantech generate higher profits. 6 loan stocks can be converted to 1 ordinary share anytime until 2017.

STOCK: RA (0110)

Blog 08 Mar 2012, 2:00:08 PM
Reversed take over by a totally new business, see below:


STOCK: RA (0110)

Blog 01 Mar 2012, 1:51:08 PM
RA's official website should be this:


STOCK: RA (0110)

Blog 01 Mar 2012, 1:49:08 PM
Finally, the time has come for this stock which has rested for the last 6 months at 12 sen to move. Recent quarter annoucement, top & bottom lines grow by 40% qoq. At pe of 10, value at 22 sen. Its telecommunication infrastructure business is domestically driven, with export growth potential in the future.


Blog 15 Feb 2012, 11:43:35 PM
[QUOTE=ILoveDividend @ 15 Feb 2012, 07:44 PM]587[/QUOTE]

Previous quarter loss due to impairment of goodwill amounting to RM8.9m.


Blog 07 Feb 2012, 12:26:22 PM
Wellcall to revive expansion plan
Posted on 7 February 2012 - 05:39am

KUALA LUMPUR (Feb 7, 2012): Rubber product makers are enjoying a revival with their profits set to improve on lower raw material costs and favourable exchange rates.

But while the market was quick to re-rate glove makers, industrial rubber hose maker Wellcall Holdings Bhd continues to struggle to attract investors, despite a steady growth in revenue and profit in the past three years.

Some analysts said the lack of a firm expansion strategy is capping the group's upside potential. Others are wary about demand for industrial products as world economic growth slows.

"This year will be a better year for us,'' executive director Alex Chew told SunBiz in a recent interview.

He said the group is revisiting a plan shelved in 2009 to boost factory floorspace by 50% and has allocated RM15 million to acquire a small plot of adjacent land, and machinery.

"We are now operating at about 75-80% capacity, and can probably squeeze another 10% by improving efficiencies. But we will need a bigger space to take the company to the next level,'' he said.

The last major expansion was completed in 2006, but the company had to put off the plan to acquire a new factory in 2009 because the global financial crisis that erupted in late 2008 had sapped orders from overseas.

Revenue fell by a third to RM79 million in the financial year ended Sept 30, 2009 (FY09), but had rebounded swiftly in the past three years. In FY11, the group chalked up a record revenue of RM136.8 million and net profit of RM15.39 million.

Demand is rising, especially from clients across Asia, Chew said, adding that the backlog in orders now takes three months to clear. Thus, Wellcall is "overdue" for expansion.

With cash to spare, the capital expenditure won't hurt the company's ability to maintain its steady dividend payout to shareholders.

As of last September, Wellcall had a healthy cash pile of RM33 million and carried a working inventory of about RM20 million.

Total dividend payout for the year amounted to 12 sen a share, which is more than the 11.65 sen a share it made for the whole year. In fact, the company had returned its entire annual profit to shareholders for the past three consecutive years.

The stock boasted a healthy dividend yield of 9% based on its current market price. Since its listing, Wellcall had paid out about RM75 million in dividends.

Its solid dividend track record and steady growth have attracted fund managers, including those from overseas, to acquire shares in the company from the open market.

'We have some good long-term investors keen on increasing their stake in the company,'' Chew said.

He is optimistic that FY12 will be a better year for the group.

"The lower rubber prices and the weaker ringgit are positive for us,'' he said.

Wellcall exports its products to customers in the oil and gas, and mining industries as well as food manufacturers in over 60 countries.


Blog 01 Feb 2012, 7:33:53 PM
With ETP projects coming on stream from 2012 onwards, earnings should further increase


Blog 01 Feb 2012, 5:38:35 PM
[QUOTE=ILoveDividend @ 01 Feb 2012, 05:22 PM]432[/QUOTE]

No details on the new contract value but things can only improve further.
EPS cumulatively for last 4 quarters is 29 sen.
Dividend for the last 4 years is about 11 to 12 sen, payout ratio about 49%


Blog 01 Feb 2012, 5:10:58 PM
Thanks gen Hwang,
The chances for Deleum to win contracts from Petronas are very high since joint commercialisation agreement has been signed in November, see below:



Blog 01 Feb 2012, 12:01:58 AM
Dear Gen Hwang,
You have mentioned "Deleum was hinted as a favourite for Petronas 2012 projects yesterday". Would greatly appreciate further details, any link to the original article?

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