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FORUM: Buying oversold in weekly and monthly chart more safe.

Blog 15 Jul 2019, 12:31:50 PM

The last 3 counter already move by 15-30 percent.But the first 2 need to wait.The latest Geshen at 60.5 cent,Kheesan 33 cent and SCGM 90 cent,Fintech 5.5 cent.


STOCK: KNM (7164)

Blog 13 Jul 2019, 6:21:31 PM

Monthly,weekly and daily all overbought.Dear please be careful.What I aware off is monthly and weekly overbought.This look more dangerous.



Blog 07 Jul 2019, 10:48:43 PM

Air Asia look like having accending triangle pattern.Resistance 3.10.Stop Loss 2.60.Potential target of above rm 4.Possible due to dividend of 90 cent.But 3.10 must be confirm by high volume and 7 market days of not below 3.10 in dramatic fashion(sudden drop).



Blog 05 Jul 2019, 12:14:02 PM

Wht Serene write is wrong.As more customer come in it need more capital to expand.Dear it will cover by profit flowing in as it's less capital for fintech compare to factory production.Dear the set of IT already there(fully).Above 30 cent (TP 35-40 cent)I agree with it.As time past by the trust is there more will use it.It not just rm 5000 per loan(minimum).Dun remember I start recommend Orion first for upturn on 30 August 2018 when everybody were selling.As times past by(1-2 years) its should be higher in price for Orion(value of shares).


STOCK: AT (0072)

Blog 05 Jul 2019, 11:42:47 AM

Come on.Waiting period I put 6-12 month better.The posting for 2 July waiting period was 6 month.Error regreted.The other posting like target price will be same.Some-more our prime minister asking for more merger(gain economy of scale) and small companies are prone to be taken over by big companies(ex:with the same businesses without building a new factory which may need waiting period of years ).Some-more the new factories of production should be at a higher upturn by now with new order coming in.



Blog 04 Jul 2019, 5:50:12 PM

yeahIyeah'm right it reach my target on 29 May posting.Below is the article for Dayang potential and the story of .....

"O&G decommissioning works in big demand"



STOCK: AT (0072)

Blog 02 Jul 2019, 6:21:13 PM

People who throw AT will be regret big times.I dares to say  financial year March 2020 will be AT year.Dear people still throwing AT when monthly chart oversold for more than 1 years.Just wait for 6 month more.Patient will be rewarded.



Blog 02 Jul 2019, 6:13:21 PM

My friend regret big time.Now is rm 4.00.Got money.Every 10 lot will be 1.7k when I ask him to buy when Gamuda in the early rm 2.Every 100 lot is 17k profit. 200 Lot 34k profit.That the power of  continuously learning.Im also the one who made target price of rm 1.80-rm 2.00 to buy gamuda on 8 October 2018.


FORUM: Look like there almost same pattern as Dow Jones and KLSE

Blog 30 Jun 2019, 9:43:24 PM

Both are forming  either ascending triangle pattern or Symetrical pattern  bullish run.But The Dow near record high and other will follow.But if there 100 percent agreement between China and U.S(now 90 percent complete) I see other stock market will follow.Breaking records are possible if there trade war are cancel.Look like this bullish run will continue but let hope for Bursa when it's pass 1800 point and 1900 respectively to confirm.(1900 is the safest point it need to break).Along the way it may have 1-5 percent corrections.Dear something bullish are brewing.Will see by then.


STOCK: PCCS (6068)

Blog 24 Jun 2019, 4:58:43 PM

Me is putting a rerating of PCCS to 70-80cent worst case scenario due to 3 consecutive quarter of profit grow.Its rare but best case scenario will be target price 90 cent-rm 1.03. 21 million net profit just worth 100 over million?



Blog 23 Jun 2019, 6:02:06 PM

Accept it or sell it when it's near the offer.Dear,this government is strict.No point to challenge for higher offer.There won't give an inch out of it.



Blog 21 Jun 2019, 11:46:05 PM

I'm happy I can help people to gain profit during the bad days in Gamuda.I never ask people to sell at 10 Jan 2019 or any other date.Gamuda subsidiary(highway concession being taken over by government).Dear Wht a day for Gamuda.


STOCK: BAT (4162)

Blog 18 Jun 2019, 4:53:33 PM

I know.But I do not like to bought overbought shares especially few years of overbought.U know how dangerous when it's tumble.Usually my advice investor should sell that kind of stocks.Never challenge the market.Its would be very cruel or bloody.Few years ago my mom wanted to bought at rm 70 above.my advice was no and luckily she listen.


STOCK: LHI (6633)

Blog 18 Jun 2019, 12:30:35 PM

Aminvest target TP rm 1.43,RHB rm 1.53, 17Jun and 18 June Respectively.Dear,how come the value can be that high with value near and over 5 billion.Its means it's making 250-300 million  financial year 2019.Are u all sure it making this kind of profit.Sometimes it rediculous value;(overvalue and undervalue).I putting 75-90 cent first(best case scenario).


FORUM: Short selling should be stop for 1 weeks after the shares drop till certain level.

Blog 15 Jun 2019, 1:57:02 PM

 I'm the retail investor see short selling ban should be extend to 1 week if its drop till certain level.Y?Because it's reduce uncertainty of the stocks,reduce the banks risk on the stock(in case of foreclosure of company stock if it drop till certain level,reduce the costs of market makers of pushing up the price till certain level,increase the chances of listed company to borrow from investor and bank(if it's do not drop to x value) and other.



Blog 10 Jun 2019, 5:55:57 PM

Why I write  Dayang on 29 Mei at 12.32am not to show acting but pity the investor who bought at Above rm 1.30 not to sell any of the shares anymore.Such a good stock which investor cannot tolerate volatility and fear of further downturn.I also talk of seller drying out on after Raya which come true.A very less seller these past 2 days( where 20 over millions volume can up this shares more than 5 cents).Please the upturn not yet finish yet.Dayang is on the services side not on pure oil and gas side.Please do not be confuse.


FORUM: Hello All

Blog 08 Jun 2019, 8:56:53 PM

If u have the money keep some good stock like Dayang(will be profitable year by year(almost the same or better) rm 1.02,XDL rm 0.09 and if can wait AT rm 0.05 and Armada 0.21(recovery in business or profit,or both)



Blog 29 May 2019, 12:32:45 AM

Look like this is it for Dayang.If after Raya its should be seller drying out.Dear,it's shock many investor.But the chart pattern show Symetrical triangle signal and breakout around rm 1.30-rm 1.35.But I do maintain my first target as realistic target(rm 1.85-rm 1.95).I also say that it would take 3-6 month to climb back to maybe above rm 1.20 depend on how strong the profit.



Blog 29 May 2019, 12:16:13 AM

prefer this stock.Good management and strong profit margin.First target (rm1.50-rm1.60)Second target if its show strong profit at last quarter then rm 1.85-rm 1.95(best case scenario).Based on number of shares 5.5 billion.



Blog 26 May 2019, 12:25:17 AM

yeahyeahit reach buying price.im right.