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STOCK: P&O (6009)

Blog 18 Feb 2019, 10:41:15 AM

I wonder why my question  made on 7/1/2019 was not answered. Investor A.David



Blog 07 Feb 2019, 5:22:27 PM

I forgot my user id and password for Nestle Malaysia. I am lost. Can Google help me to trace both the user id and password.

Kindly be advised that I am not good in using the computer. My name and contact: Abraham David  tel. no. 603 2106947. 


STOCK: P&O (6009)

Blog 07 Jan 2019, 1:22:37 PM

TO THE P&0 management:              I refer to the Post submitted by me earlier as an Investor on 7/12/2018. Regret the P&0 management has not paid attention to my comment made on 7/12/18. I said earlier that  as a Non Chinese, I was unable to follow the comments in the Posts and requested that these posts are made in English as well to serve all communities, Regards. A.David an  investor


STOCK: BAT (4162)

Blog 16 Oct 2018, 6:00:04 PM

I bought BAT at around M 60.00 2 years ago. It pays dividend at around 6.0 % pa the near the highest in Bursa. I am happy that because of the good dividends paid I am able to offset my high buying price. Is there any chance of BAT paying any bonus in the near future? This would then bring down my high buying price.  



Blog 21 Jul 2018, 6:29:25 PM

Can someone help me to log in my comments. A.David


STOCK: ICAP (5108)

Blog 15 Feb 2018, 5:54:03 PM

As long as u have the current management in ICAP there will be no dividend and CITY OF LONDON will keep on buying into ICAP and grow in strength. Finally there may be a real situation when COL will take over the Management of ICAP. This is NOT an idle speculation but  real threat which the current managmeent cannot forsee. Just look at the way COL is accumultating  the ICAP shares. Are u blind? My two friends Leyu and QUah are advised to look into their holdings in ICAP and make a decision. Just look at the ROI of ICAP which is less than 5% and its DY of 0%. I appreciate comments from Ley and Quah. A.David



Blog 13 Feb 2018, 7:00:00 PM

In reviewing the perforance of AmFirst as i recall in early Feb. 2017 by Rusmin Ang he said that AmFirst was sitting on capital losses of 23% and probaly this evetually led to the gradual fall of this share to RM 0.645 yesterday. However because of some positive dividend to shareholders,the overall return became positive. I bought this share some five years ago at Rm0.94 pershare. You can imagine my capiatal loss at its current price. But what keeps me to hold the share so long is because of the reguar steady dividend payments twice per year. 



Blog 12 Feb 2018, 2:13:40 PM

The sudden increase of Nestle share to RM 116.60 today may  not be sustained forever. Question arises if Nestle will attempt to intervene by having a bonus or rights issue declared to further check the share price.So far there is no sign for Nestle to make any announcement. 


STOCK: MAA (1198)

Blog 08 Feb 2018, 5:04:03 PM

The company  is in PN 17 and in danger of turning sour. The dividend given in 2017 may not continue. Hence it may be advisable to sell and run. Please comment. Thanaraj



Blog 26 Jan 2018, 6:28:35 PM

Price of this share is now almost stagnant. Its dividend DY last year was  around 8% pa but of late came down to 5.9%. The plus factor of this shaire is that it gives dividends five times per year. The bonus has been just been announced. Its future is  uncertain. Its web site is rather hazy and so watch out. A share holder.


STOCK: BAT (4162)

Blog 22 Jan 2018, 7:23:21 PM

To date ROE of BAT is still maintained at 165% and DY=8.69% which are relatively good signs of strength of BAT. But the share price of RM 60.00 when I firs bought about two years ago and now at around RM33.00 pershare is rather stressing to me.However I am somewhat pleased to know that my real loss in the share price is to a large extent offset by the 4 times in a year payments of dividends. I hope that the company wiill battle with the Govt. to urge it to curb the illegal sales of cigarettes and restore the com[any.

Any comments from share holders and company appreciated.. A.David -share holder.  



Blog 09 Jan 2018, 7:35:55 PM

After my exhaustive study about this Hektor share, I have just bought this stock.. However  I have found the figures published for the Hektor REIT  web site for the annual  financial ratio of  ROE have  not been given much importance. Only in one place I found the Return On Equity (ROI)  published to be 5.12% which is rather a low return  compared to its peers. Besides I could not obtain in its web site any where the historical  annual values of ROI. Though its  Dividend Yield published as 8.61% is relatively high compared to its peers, I find this is not reflected in the in the published ROE. Can the managment provide the annual figures of ROI or advise me where i can get these figures. A.David


STOCK: P&O (6009)

Blog 07 Dec 2017, 11:09:39 PM

As a share holder and as a Non Chese, may I advise the board to consider to translate the comments given in Chinese to be translated into the English Language  as well for transparency and wider ciculation of these comments to all. The response from the Board is deeply appreciated.A.David 


STOCK: P&O (6009)

Blog 07 Dec 2017, 10:59:10 PM

Comments :



Blog 06 Sep 2017, 1:58:04 PM

The share price of TUBO used to be RM 1.30 before but now has come down to RM 0.74. Note both the annual revenues and profits of this share have been trending downwards over the last three years. I wonder if there is any chance of share price going up to RM1.00. If it does, I shall sell my 10,000 shares of Turbo  and buy 100 shares of Nestle at RM 85.00 per share and 100 shares of Dutch Lady at RM 58.00 per share. 

Yr comments, if any will be appreciated,



Note that the Revenue of Turbo in 2017 was RM 21,373/ ; Revenue in 2016 was RM 40,108/.  



Blog 02 Jun 2017, 6:06:13 PM



FORUM: TAGB's performance is poor from the point of an investor. A.David

Blog 19 May 2017, 5:55:45 PM

Comments on TA Global berhad:

I bought this share three years ago at RM0.40 pershre. Looking at its land bank overseas and in Malaysia, I expected better returns in the form of dividends, but vey disappointed. I cannot say what is happening to this share. The ROE is quoted as 5.2% which is very poor. Better to sell and put the money in other shares like F&N, Dutch Lady, may bank etc.



STOCK: MBSB (1171)

Blog 17 May 2017, 6:24:45 PM

Comments on coming dividend of MBSB share : Entitlement date of 3 cts per share is on 26/5/2017; Payment is on 22/6/2017. So I may start to sell part of my MBSB shares AFTER 26/5/2017 if the current share price  which is RM 1.32 on 17/5/2017 stable around RM 1.32 . Any comments. A.david



Blog 12 Apr 2017, 6:08:54 PM

Nestle's Agm is on 27/4/2017. Coming final dividend of 130 cts per share makes  a total dividend of 270 cts this year. Entitlement date = 18/5/2017; payment date =8/6/2017; Dy= 270/8000 X 100= 3.4% pa. To bring down the current highest price of RM 80.00 to a more acceptable price of say RM 70.00, i hope Nestle managment will consider to give a bonus of 1:1 or 1:2 or rights issue at RM 60.00 per share. Abraham David.   



Blog 26 Mar 2017, 1:27:28 PM

[QUOTE=JosephChua @ 27 Jan 2015, 04:54 PM]4023[/QUOTE]


With deep regret to inform that to date no information found in Nestle Malaysia (NM)'s web pages  on NM's AGM 2017 and its venue. Also in one web page, the AGM is published to be on 26/3/2017 which is today, a Sunday. Why? Also no document announcement received by mail from Registrar. Please call tomorrow morning on 27/3/2017,  David at H/p 016 2176947 or Jessie H/p 016 2106947 - both shareholders and confirm the new AGM date and venue.

I appreciate your cooperation to resolve the inevitable error. Thanks. Abraham David Thanaraj AMN