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STOCK: EAH (0154)

Blog 18 Apr 2018, 2:45:46 PM

EAH - market talk something exciting is going to happen soon, likely to be After election. 

Target price 30c. Price of EAH at all time low at 4c. Have been at 4c for the past few months.

Even market bad where all counters dropped 30%, EAH still holding at 4c with super strong support.

Only can go up from now on. Better get in now when Low. Not chase when price is high.



Blog 30 Aug 2016, 8:59:10 PM


Blog 29 Aug 2016, 2:11:07 PM
Mid-Day Review & Analysis 29 Aug

VIVOCOM jump-start in the morning session on aggressive buying-support linked to talks the the 2Q profits-after-tax results due for release tomorrow would a significant
jump from from both the trader guesstimates and the 1Q results of RM19.8 M.

Unconfirmed talks circulating among traders that VIVOCOM had secured an additional fresh order to the tune of RM700 encouraged
people where's on the sideline to jump in today.

Total volume was moderate at 26.48 M shares with bulk of trades done at 28.5 and 29.0.

Buyers remained the aggressors by booking sellers 75.9% of trades.

Immediate upside price- target based strictly on technical trading is now at 32.0-33.0 levels.

If they are successful penetrated with high volume, prices would then advance higher to the 35.0-36.0 levels.

The Quantitative Algorithm signal closed the morning in positive convergence and call for further upside trading.

Prices trended upwards from 28.0 to 29.5 sens and closed at 28.6, up half a sen from previously.


Blog 26 Aug 2016, 2:41:21 PM
Mid-Day Review & Analysis 26 Aug

VIVOCOM rebounded strongly on fresh buying ....

VIVOCOM opened unchanged and advanced on active bargain-hunting buying and closed 1.0 sen higher at 28.0 sens.

Trades trended higher from a low of 27.0 sens to 28.5 sens on a moderate volume of 19.62 M shares.

Buyers were seen to be the obvious aggressors, booking sellers on 54.0% of total trades.

Bulk of morning's trades were done at 27.5 and 28.0 where 18.8 M shares changed hands.

Based on today's price movement and volume distribution, it is evident that we are in a positive cash-flow environment.

On account of this, the prospects of prices expanding on the technical rebound and moving higher to revisit the 30.0-31.5 levels in the immediate term is high.

The Quantitative Algorithm has reverted to positive convergence and indicted that the downward cycle has ended.

QA in positive convergence, showing that the bearish cycle has ended.


Blog 22 Aug 2016, 9:18:21 PM


Blog 22 Aug 2016, 3:57:46 PM
Fresh from the printing press - EGM on Bonus Issue over liau.

Heard everything approved n Book Closure date will be announced very very soon.

Ex n Entitlement dates will be early September.


Blog 22 Aug 2016, 2:38:07 PM
VIVOCOM ended the morning in a steady note as traders bought ahead of the bonus issue-related EGM due in the afternoon today.

Prices ranged from 30.0 to 31 sens on a moderate-low volume of 25.56 M shares.

Buyers flexed their muscles by taking sellers on 67.1% of total trades.

Thin volume of 5.38 M shares were recorded for trades at 30.0 and 31.0 sens.
At 30.5 sens, 20.08 M shares changed hands.

Based strictly on technicals, the immediate underlying strength of VIVOCOM remains solid and a concerted move above the 30.5-31.0 levels would set the stage and clear the path for an upward thrust.

The Quantitative Algorithm signal stayed positive at morning's close signaled the prospects of a higher trading platform in the noon session.


Blog 20 Aug 2016, 8:21:14 PM


Blog 19 Aug 2016, 10:48:57 PM
End-Day Review & Analysis 19 Aug

VIVOCOM closed one sen lower at 30 sens after an inside-day trading dominated by mild weekend profit- taking selling.

The moderately high volume of 59.97 M shares were well absorbed as prices fluctuated from 29.5 to 31.0 levels.

The chunk of today's trade of 55.6 M shares changed hands from 30.0 to 30.5 levels where buyers booked sellers on 54.6% of the trades.

Today's closing of 30.0 sens is at the mid-range of both yesterday's and today's trading range.
This is a good sign as it shows that the immediate underlying strength of VIVOCOM is solid.

Presently, the technical setting is constructive and is pointing to a very high possibility of a test of the immediate overhead price-target at the 31.5-32.5 levels in early-trading next week.

My strong technical hunch now is that prices would break above these mild resistance levels and surged forward to make fresh rally-highs at the 34.5-35.5 levels next week.

Putting aside my analytical pride and ego, I may end up becoming very right or very wrong!

As always in trading and investing, timing is everything.
The market would decide and we would have to wait to see what transpires next week.

The daily Quantitative Algorithm signal finished the day constructive and indicated that the general trend is still up.


Blog 19 Aug 2016, 1:55:45 PM
MIDF upgraded BUY call from 59c to 63c, adding to market belief Vivocom is due for a massive PE rerating soon.


Blog 18 Aug 2016, 3:33:20 PM
Mid-Day Review & Analysis 18 Aug

VIVOCOM finally blasted-off from its upward breakout-point on strong buying-interests this morning as traders jumped into the bandwagon in a big way and lifted prices to its eight- week high of 31.0 sens.

Prices ranged from 29.5 to 31.0 and settled higher at 30.0, up half a sen from before.

Morning's volume rose sharply to 68.40 M shares with buyer's mobbing up sellers on a hefty 70.1% of total trades.

Positive expectations from this afternoon's EGM on the one-for-four bonus-issue was cited as the catalyst for the bullish performances this morning.

Buyers were jumping in in anticipation of further price gains and are applying the basic trading principle of 'buy-high-and-sell higher'.

Market-talks and trade guesstimates are calling for the soon to be release 2Q profits to far exceed the 1Q profit results of RM19.87 M.

I personally do not know the figure and would consider a profit figure of RM20M to RM22M or higher to have an extremely bullish impact on near-term prices.

What then is the immediate term price outlook?

The successful upward price-break from the ascend-triangle today was accompanied by a higher than normal volume of 68.40 M shares.

This is an extremely constructive development and confirmed that VIVOCOM is now in the fifth and final wave of its five-wave bullish cycle.

The next and immediate price-target now stands at 34.5-35.5 levels.

Violation of these levels would generate fresh upward momentum and take prices upwards to re-visit its historical-highs at 37.0 sens.

Traders indeed waited patiently for sometime for the breakout from the ascending-triangle.
You have been informed too and it is happening now.

The nature of stock analysis is such that when you are right, nobody remembers.
And when you are wrong, nobody forgets! Haha!

The Quantitative Algorithm signal has turned bullish again at close this morning and is calling for an extended-move on the upside.

QA turned into bullish mode n buyers definitely the aggressors today!

Volume Distribution on 82.12 M shares. Buyers continue to hit sellers.


Blog 11 Aug 2016, 6:34:13 PM
End-Day Review & Analysis 11 Aug

Vivo settled the day unchanged at 28.5 sens as prices continued to be locked in tight band trading between 28.0 and 29.0 sens.

Overall volume remained thin at 20.17 M shares.

Trades were centered at 28.5 on a volume of 13.0 M shares.

Buyers were on mild offensive, taking 53% of trades from sellers.

Today is the fifth day that prices consolidated within a one sen range on very low volume.

Technically, are prices now facing resistance and preventing it from scaling higher or is this is solid support level that would eventually climax into an upward rally?

Dwindling volume over the last five days suggests that we are in indeed in a supportive phase of the consolidation trading and prospects of values moving higher in days ahead are right.

The Quantitative Algorithm signal ended the day steady and called for more gradual upward movements.


Blog 09 Aug 2016, 8:53:17 AM
End-Day Review & Analysis 8 Aug

VIVOCOM ended one sen higher at 29.0 after a late wave of buying took prices near it rally- highs at 29.0 sens.

Volume for the day as moderate at 33.08 M shares of which 76.6% of trades were buyers paying up to sellers asking prices.

Technical setting now is constructive with prices closing today at its six-day high of 29.0 sens.

For the very short-term, prices are expected to remain in congestion trading around the 28.5-29.5 levels before finding fresh bullish momentum to vault into fresh levels above the 30.0 sens level

The Quantitative Algorithm signal finished the day positive and entered into further bullish-divergence,
signaling prospects of further upside trading.
Volume distribution showing buyers aggression! Gradual upward trading scen ario! Excellent upward trading scenario as more stable, better traction n compatible with solid fundamentals delivered.

As distinct from speculative driven, pump n dump scenario!


Blog 08 Aug 2016, 3:50:48 PM


Blog 04 Aug 2016, 11:55:45 PM


Blog 02 Aug 2016, 7:39:56 AM
End-Day Review & Analysis 1 Aug 2016

VIVOCOM performed brilliantly following its price and volume break-out with an impressive upward-thrust to close the day at its rally-highs of 29.0, up 1.5 sens from previously.

Renewed buy-interests and bullish enthusiasm linked to ideas and market-talk that VIVOCOM prices are extremely under valued based on the improving fundamentals and technicals, helped stimulated fresh investors interests.

Today's volume of 69.09 M shares is the highest in eight days.

Volume Distribution analysis shows that buyers were the aggressors today as they booked sellers on 63.3% of the total trades.

A higher-than-normal volume accompanied by an upward price break-out from its technical "descending- triangle' configuration is a very constructive development that calls for more advances in the coming sessions.

Today's close at the upper tail-end of the trading range at 29.0 sen is a positive signal that all eager profit-taking selling volume were fully absorbed.

Traders may find it difficult to enter buying trades if they were to bargain too hard especially on this up and running stock.

In these kind of scenario, I would always book the sellers offer price.

The big-question confronting traders and investors now is this :

What's Next?

My technical crystal-ball is pointing to an immediate price-target at 34.5-35.5 levels for the very short-term.

In the intermediate term, the prospects of prices trending higher to re-test and punching above its historical-highs at the 37.0 sens and establish new historical-high are very real now. Pls see chart.

The very effective Quantitative Algorithm trading signal ended the day with its 'screaming-buy' call intact and suggested further price advances in sessions ahead.

Any student of market analysis would conclude after looking at the closing today that this bullish rally would sustain and expand.

Below 30c is still a safe bet!

QA on screaming buy mode


Blog 17 Jul 2016, 7:40:50 PM


Blog 15 Jul 2016, 8:41:02 AM
End-Day Review & Analysis 14 July

VIVOCOM finished the day one sen lower after lackluster trading on very light selling volume n mild profit taking activities.

Total volume for the day dropped to 15.60 M shares from 79.19 M shares a day earlier.

The bulk of today's trades were at 26.5 sen where 9.35 M shares were traded.

Buyers was the aggressor, taking sellers on 6.41 M shares and sellers gave 2.73 M shares to buyers.

Trade Distribution volume . Buyers took sellers 50.7%. Sellers gave buyers 49.3%.

Volume distribution shows that buyers were the aggressors taking sellers on 7.48 M shares.

With sellers now reserved following news of the impending share bonus issue and fresh buying-interests developing, prices are seen to be in a consolidation phase.

The Quantitative Algorithm signal are still in bullish divergence and indicated that the upward trend is intact.


Blog 14 Jul 2016, 3:07:49 PM


Blog 13 Jul 2016, 4:59:11 PM
Mid-Day Review & Analysis 13 July

VIVOCOM is in bullish mode...

VIVOCOM rose in early trading on heavy investors buying spurred by the one-for-four bonus issue news.

Prices hit a high at 27.0 and ended the morning at 25.5 sen, unchanged from previously.

Volume jumped to its best in eight-days at 64.2 3 M shares.

Trades were centered at the 26.0-26.5 levels where 61.7 M shares changed books.

Heavy profit-taking selling occurred through out the morning session, but buyers aggressive buying managed easily to mop up all the impatient selling.

Based strictly on chart projection, VIVOCOM next upside price-target is seen at the 28.5-29.5 levels.

The Quantitative Algorithm signal is now on buy-mode and is suggesting that the bullish-rally would expand.

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