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Blog 28 Mar 2012, 12:36:35 AM

"one of the highest div. paying stocks on Bursa" ?

these are real elephants... Top 10 Dividend Counters 2011
4162 BAT 276.00
4707 NESTLE 180.00
4782 PACMAS 169.80
5681 PETDAG 145.00
3719 PANAMY 145.00
6947 DIGI 116.50
3689 F&N 97.00
1899 BKAWAN 95.00
2445 KLK 85.00
3026 DLADY 80.00


Blog 28 Mar 2012, 12:23:50 AM
Q4 report expected this week.

Could be the best timing riding along:
- Malaysian CPO futures rose to fresh hight RM3485 per MT.
- Plantation stock be the highlight among KLSE counters as investor weighing on improved world economic data released and sustainable pre-election sentiments.

STOCK: MBSB (1171)

Blog 28 Mar 2012, 12:03:07 AM
MBSB - Early Gain

Attended MBSB briefing last Mar 23th, below are the takeaways:

- Jan-Feb of 2012, the group closed excellent ~ RM2b on PF-i
- commercial bank further securitize lending to government servants (BPA program) => direct benefiting to MBSB.
- no impact of SBPA abolishment, as SSM will still yielded effective 7~13% pay hike

All in all, likely the group will sustain its loans growth in 2012.

On top there are several effective strategic actions to improve the group performance, which included:

- expanding more branch network & branding campaign
- revamping retail biz
- bancassurance products with Takaful
- straighthen developing projects (ie NCT agreement & other abandoned projects affected by NPL)

Target set:
Total Income ~ RM850- 880m
Net profit: ~ RM350- 360m

Subsequent review by Q1 to re-affirm the loan growth assumption.

STOCK: TSH (9059)

Blog 11 Mar 2012, 11:23:02 PM
TSH - Small but Leaping High

The pace of growth in FFB will be the key determinant factor for earning growth.

The recent Q4 results showed TSH achieved significant 43% YoY increase in FFB production was among the best within the sector.

Thus, 2012 setting FFB harvest forecast with an CAGR 20% increase, riding on:
- new planting approxiamate 4000ha (benchmark to 2009, 2010) on vast unplanted land bank ~ 2/3 of total 99.4ha
- higher contribution from Indonesia (achieved 65% ratio at 2011), estimated 25% increase this year with higher yield.
- approxiamate another 8-10% of young trees entering into prime production age.

Aggressive target set:
FFB production: 480,000MT
Annual Earnings: RM150m (@ average CPO RM3000/MT and net margin 13%)
EPS: 18.2cents (24% increase to 2011)

Note: Upside remain if average CPO sustained above RM3100.
(Local monthly average; Jan - RM3211, Feb - RM3207, Mar MTD - RM3264)


Blog 11 Mar 2012, 2:26:25 AM
Boustead eyeing profit RM 1B -- Bernama interview

Everyting set in place for a busy year ahead:
- Plantation continue to contribute 40% or more
- BOUS Naval Shipyard with a contract ceiling of RM 9B to supply six Gen2 patrol vessels to Mindef, another RM 62m contract to supply spares, maintenance, integrated logistic support and training for 17th patrol vessel squadron of the Royal Malaysian Navy
- BHIC in agreement with Rhienmetall Defence Electronics GmbH for the manufacture and supply of cargo loading system assemblies for Airbus A400M, A380, A330 aircraft
- MHS with RM 586m for 5 aircraft to serve O&G demand
- Affin continue to perform with ROE KPI 9.6%
- Pharmaniaga to contribute with 10year contract (supply concession to all 3,750 healthcare outlets under the Health Ministry throughout the country) until Dec 2019, expanding pharmaceutical manufacturing capacity locally (Kedah and Perak) and in Indonesia (via Idaman Pharma), and a new RM73m contract for developing the pharmacy IT systems for government hospitals and clinics.
- BHPetrol increased above 7% revenue contribution from its 9% market share @ 330 service stations throughout Malaysia.
- BOUS Royale hotel group posted higher profit for its FY 2011, expected to continue remarkable performance with more new hotels at Penang and Cherating.


STOCK: GCB (5102)

Blog 11 Mar 2012, 1:33:17 AM
to those who interested to understand cocoa commodity and its industry structure, here is an article from unctad.

United Nations Conference on Trade and Development. http://www.unctad.org/infocomm/comm_docs/docs/official/ditccom20081.en.pdf

Cocoa Study: Industry Structures and Competition

It oulined why GUAN need to invest hard to expand the annual grinding capacity and ventured into downstream to purchase a factory at Tanjung Pelepas port, Johor for industrial chocolate production.


Blog 11 Mar 2012, 12:44:27 AM
Briefing summary at Palm and Lauric Oils Conference & Exhibition Price Outlook (POC) conference 2012:

- crude palm oil futures on bullish outlook
- prices would hit RM4,000 by the end of June due to low palm oil output cycle, strong demand from India in peak summer months and stocking by Muslim countries ahead of the fasting month.
- technical mixed for resists fall below support RM3,218 per MT

Palm oil price on Wed Mar 7, 2012 10:00am GMT

Contract Month Last Change Low High Volume
MY PALM OIL MAR2 3250 +33.00 3208 3287 118
MY PALM OIL APR2 3275 +38.00 3224 3280 1958
MY PALM OIL MAY2 3266 +22.00 3224 3274 12857

STOCK: GCB (5102)

Blog 10 Mar 2012, 4:45:10 PM
Post-results analyst briefing

FY11 performance
- net profit RM123.0m (+21.6%), revenue RM1,382.8m (+19.2%)
- total production tonnage 126.6 MT (+57.5% y-o-y)
- sales tonnage stood at 108.9 MT (+37.5% y-o-y)
- installed capacity 140 MT

Capacity expansion
- on track Batam plant Phase 2 expansion (grinding capacity 60k MT) commissioning is targeted around April/May 2012.
- Guan Chong would rank as the fifth largest cocoa processor in the world based on total production capacity of 200k MT

GUAN remained optimistic with :
- ensure smooth running of the enlarged operations (secured orders for 140k MT of its existing capacity) driving higher volume and product mix.
- seek sales opportunities. New clients added end 2011 were (Transmar Commodity Group Ltd US, ADM International Sarl Switzerland and Euromar Commodities GMBH Germany)



Blog 02 Mar 2012, 1:10:53 AM
Quantum Leaping - Turning House building on par to McD ?

The company is excuting real fast turnaround with massive on going projects while eyeing more land acquisitions after the recent Rawang2.

On going projects under current year are:
Aman Perdana, Meru-Shah Alam
Southgate Commercial Centre, KL
StarParc Point, Setapak
Hijauan Residence, Cheras
Kemuning Residence, Shah Alam
Residence @ Southbay, Penang
Legenda @ Southbay, Penang
Southbay City, Penang
Icon Residence, Mont Kiara
One Legenda, Cheras
Bayu Sekamat, Hulu Langat
Garden Residence, Cyberjaya
iParc, Bukit Jelutong
Perdana Residence 2, Selayang
Icon City, Petaling Jaya^
Icon Residence, Georgetown
iParc 2 @ Shah Alam
Garden Plaza
M Suites @ Jalan Ampang
Kinrara (13 acres)
Kinrara Residence
iParc 3
Star Avenue
Garden Residence 2, Cyberjaya
M City
Ferringhi Residence @ Penang
Mah Sing i-Parc, Iskandar Malaysia


Blog 02 Mar 2012, 12:24:14 AM
Earnings missed The Prediction

Primary explained in the report statement of "impairment of trade receivables of RM1.0 million and, tax RM2.1million and deferred tax of RM2.0 million which was due to timing differences on the capital expenditure incurred of RM16.6 million."

However, the performance is still attractive with:
- the 1-off impairment losses above did not affected the operation
- increasing demands of E&E plastic moulded products
- net cash increase situation (Cash and bank balances at end of the financial period swelling to Rm17.7million from Rm4.5million a year ago)

Put on closer monitoring - market responded negative on the above losses.


Blog 01 Mar 2012, 11:59:03 PM
Higher Dividend Projection

With continue sales derived from NCIP (to S'pore investors),
- expected final dividend of 6cents/ share
- unbilled sales may close to RM160million


Blog 01 Mar 2012, 11:45:56 PM
Clear Roadmap Ahead.

The glove maker consolidated a clear and convincing plan to achieve its 2012 earning guidance of 20% growth.

On the front trading end, strategies on:
- the new UK subsidiary, enhanced the global marketing intensity on top of current thin EU coverage (from Belgium) with favorable derivation GBP/USD gain
- well established selling price review system for shorter time lag cost reflection
- surgical segment focus -- higher and consistent demand

On the back manufacturing end, aggressive cost driven actions are clear on:
- capacity expansion plan (especially Nitrile exam gloves and surgical gloves)
- productivity improvement (facility refurbishment, convertible equipment upgrades)

Supermax had exhibited its determination to resume profit growth in 2012 to overcome the rising latex cost and weaken USD.
Interim results will show the effectiveness at 1H12 when the earning guidance will be review again.

Finally, the company forked out RM22.1million dividend pay (actual ratio 21% vs 2011 16%) on top of the 33% profit fall, was much appreciated.


Blog 28 Feb 2012, 11:23:01 PM
waiting to deliver surprise : hit 200% record earnings.


Blog 28 Feb 2012, 11:00:21 PM
[QUOTE=kkchong @ 28 Feb 2012, 08:57 AM]732[/QUOTE]

A few points to explain:
- The 2011 EPS is 59.04cents (on weighted average number of shares ex-bonus).

- 70% is NOT on total net earnings attributable to Shareholders.

BOUS Dividend Policy stated:
-- Under the dividend policy, the Company intends to pay a minimum of 70% of the
audited consolidated profit after taxation attributable to shareholders for each
financial year AFTER appropriate adjustments for the profit retained by Associated
Companies and any unrealised income from fair value adjustments that are non-cash
in nature. ... In recommending dividends, it is the Board’s policy to allow shareholders to participate directly in the Company’s profits whilst taking into account the retention of adequate reserves for future growth.

Within 2011 there are:
- A dividend-in-specie of 1 Pharmaniaga: 57.5 BOUS shares (distributed total 16,042,412 Pharmaniaga shares)
- Unrealised retained earnings RM 236.2 million,...



Blog 27 Feb 2012, 10:11:53 PM
Performance Within Expectation

Note: The weighted average number of ordinary shares in issue for the purpose of the computation of the earnings per sharea had been adjusted retrospectively to reflect the Company's bonus issue which was completed on 10 January 2012 (factor of 1.1x)

BOUS ended 2011 with performance in line with forecast and expectation:
- weighted eps 59.04cents (equal to ordinary 64.94cents)
- ROE actual 14.1%

On operation,
- earnings growth at the region of 15% yoy
- Crop production FFB harvested FFB 1,121,629MT (on average palm oil price of RM3,272 per MT, increase of 25% to last year's RM2,622 per MT)
- accounted RM94.6million gain on disposal of plantation assets
- expending Group subsidaries completed as per plan

The total debt status at RM5.1billion increased the corresponding risk to the Group's 2012 growth, on top of the weak global economy outlook ahead.



Blog 26 Feb 2012, 11:03:37 PM
CARLSBG MY did it again - 2011!

The brewery continues it's out-shine and out-cast performance:
- being the 4th time (from the last 6yrs) rewarding its investors with above 100% of the yearly earnings -- maintained payout 133% (similar as 2011)
- record high eps 54.4cents since 2006.

On operation, the management achieved:
- successful market promotion, inspiring branding (on new outlook) and flexible product mix to improve revenue (MYR +8.2% and SIN +11.2%)
- efficient productivity (COGS maintained 85%~86%, while malting barley price elevated 9% in 2011, from Jan USD195/MT to Dec USD212/MT)
- positive earnings for all 4quarters over the dramatic recovery year of 2010.
- 58% current loans reduction (RM30million) completes the flying colour's performance.

The announcement came after Carlsberg AS reported full-year profit declined 4.2% (DKK 5,149 million vs DKK 5,351 million a year ago, which the Group described as “not satisfactory.”) was in a bit surprise.

The outlook of 2012, expected moderate grow in the domestic beer market with mixed challenges & opportunities:
- Higher cost of production - malting barley prices to stay high (poor harvest at European crop and delay at North American sowings), and huge import competition from China.
- boots of major sports events - UEFA Euro & London Olympic and Year of dragon (more wedding events).
- Asahi - strengthen product mix while sub-brand Hoegaarden gaining popularity in local market and other premium beer to improve earning margin.
- status quo in beer excise duty for 2012.

On worldwide end, the AS brewer forecasted no improvement with expects “modest growth” in the Russian market, while northern and western Europe will show low single-digit declines, and Asian markets will probably grow.



Blog 26 Feb 2012, 4:25:10 PM
Hektar's 2012 outlook remain positive and favourably compared against other larger REIT peers with:

- Strategy to focus at 2nd liner cities with greater potential net value valuations -- strategic portfolio acquisition of Kulim Landmark Central and SP Central Square (combined RM181million and total rentable area of 580k sq ft).

- high occupancy rate 97.5% for 3 current retail-focus assets.

- better rental reversions being largely from Subang Parade (NLA sq ft 194,097), which expected at ~ 30% increase.

- Tranch 1 loan RM184 million successful extended to 2016 (while Tranche 2 RM150 million only expire at 2013).

- trading below net asset value of RM1.48 (vs larger peers were all above by 1.19~1.32x)

- Attractive return of DPU 10.50cents (yield 7.8% @ RM1.35 on Feb24th, 2012)


Blog 26 Feb 2012, 3:54:33 PM
[QUOTE=ILoveDividend @ 16 Feb 2012, 08:59 AM]595[/QUOTE]

Nop, i m not financial analyst.

To invest, it ought to be the bottomline to understand how the counter/ company make & report earnings, top influential factors and how earnings being rewarded to the investors.

Happy Invest.



Blog 26 Feb 2012, 2:50:48 PM
2012 begins with tougher challenge for glove-makers:

- Bulk‎ Latex‎ increased RM1/kg from Jan RM6.71/kg to Feb RM7.73/kg
- Rising Ringgit back to low 3.0x region to USD

Latex commodity sentiment remained volatile with:
- Impact of Thai Cabinet approval of loan plan to increase the price of locally-grown natural rubber to THB120 (RM11.84)/kg. Total of THB15bn soft laon plan at 0% interest.
- similar artificial support of rubber prices by the Indonesian and Malaysian governments
- sequential automotive growth in global (especially China) after temporarily suspended production for flooding crisis in Thailand.


STOCK: GCB (5102)

Blog 26 Feb 2012, 12:59:53 PM

Risk increased with:

- Loans and borrowings increased to 427.7million (from 192.8million)
- Trade and other payables increased to 161.9million (from 71.8million)
- Net negative cash flow (for asset investment)
- High holding inventories from 156million to 466.4million

While the rational is unclear behind the 4cents div into:
- 2cents first interim dividend for year 2012 +
- 2cents final div for year 2011 (pending AGM approved)

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